Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Month in Review: January 2012

Here are my reading stats for January!
  • Books read:  14
Books I read (reviewed ones have * and link to review; books not yet reviewed will be linked up once review is posted.)
  1. Big Stone Gap* by Adriana Trigiani
  2. Skirting the Grave* by Annette Blair
  3. The Kitchen Daughter* by Jael McHenry
  4. The Peach Keeper* by Sarah Addison Allen
  5. Eve* by Iris Johansen
  6. Quinn* by Iris Johansen
  7. Bonnie* by Iris Johansen
  8. Make, Take, Murder* by Joanna Campbell Slan
  9. Tailspin* by Catherine Coulter
  10. Private: #1 Suspect* by James Patterson
  11. Pleating for Mercy* by Melissa Bourbon
  12. Whispering Rock* by Robyn Carr
  13. The Summer Garden* by Sherryl Woods
  14. Sew Deadly* by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Favorite Book of January:    

2012 Challenge Update:
  •  100+ Reading Challenge -- Books Read: 13/100
  •  Support Your Local Library Challenge -- Books Read: 7/37
  •  Off the Shelf Reading Challenge -- Books Read: 3/30
  •  E-Book Reading Challenge -- Books Read: 1/20 
  •  Historical Fiction Reading Challenge -- Books read: 0/15
  •  First in a Series Challenge -- Series started: 4/6
  •  Finish the Series Challenge -- Series completed: 1/3
  •  Cruising Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge -- Books Read: 4/13+


  1. wow, that's quite a month! I only got to 11. I like your percentage results for your challenges on your left menu: how do you do this? is this an automatic thing with blogger, or do you import it from somewhere else?
    and here is my Jan recap:

  2. Hello, are you here?? you say you like comments, I do too, but you have not answered my question yet about your left menu. If you have a mn, I would really appreciate. thanks

  3. @Emma Sorry...I have been dealing with some personal issues. Anyway, the percentage results come from NaNoWriMo Word Meter. If you click on one of my status bars, it will take you to that site and then you can make your own.


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