Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: The 7th Month by Lisa Gardner (e-book)

First line: Have you ever contemplated killing someone?

Synopsis from B&N: In Lisa Gardner’s first-ever short story following thirteen bestselling novels, The 7th Month takes readers between the books and into a day in the life of Boston Detective D. D. Warren.

In her seventh month of pregnancy, D.D. should be taking it easy. Instead, she accepts a small consulting role on the set of a serial killer film shooting in Boston. D.D. figures she’ll be useful to someone for at least one night, serving as a police expert and making a little extra money in the bargain.

It seems like a simple task—until the previous film consultant, a former Boston cop, is found beaten to death. Suddenly D.D.’s date with Hollywood gets serious. Extremely pregnant, on the trail of a killer, and surrounded by a hundred and four murder suspects in the middle of a graveyard, D.D. must quickly unravel a tangled web of lies. As another cast member is attacked, D.D. realizes that like it or not, her priorities have changed—and her last desperate hope is that she can catch a killer before she and her unborn baby face mortal danger.

Packed with the suspenseful storytelling that has turned Gardner’s novels into New York Times bestsellers, The 7th Month reveals new insights into a beloved series heroine.

My thoughts: I have really come to enjoy reading about Detective D.D. Warren and so when I found this eSpecial book, I had to read it. It takes place right between the previous book, Love You More and Lisa Gardner's new book, Catch Me, which came out this month.

This was a fast, quick moving story. D.D. is put on desk duty now that she is pregnant and ends up taking a job as a consultant to a movie production team. The previous consultant disappears and then is found dead. D.D. quickly moves from movie consultant back to police detective. The entire story takes place in one day and on top of trying to solve this murder, D.D. is also trying to figure out things with boyfriend Alex.

Before each of the 7 chapters are parts of a "murder blog" which contains steps on how to commit murder. Each step contains details on how to select a victim, how to choose a weapon, and goes up to the proper disposal of a body. They are quite eerie.

Overall, this was a great fill-in between the previous book, Love You More, and the upcoming book, Catch Me. Even though it was a short story, it was filled with the usual suspense that I have come to love from Lisa Gardner.

(I purchased this e-book.)

Books in this series: 
  1. Alone                                     5.   Love You More
  2. Hide                                      5.5  The 7th Month
  3. The Neighbor                       6.  Catch Me
  4. Live to Tell


  1. Oooh interesting! I read Live to Tell and Catch me and loved them both!

    1. If you can find it, I would recommend reading this...nothing major happens, but it is a good story and does provide some interesting developments in the D.D./Alex relationship.

  2. Perfect timing. I have read Love You More but not Catch Me! Thanks.

    1. It's a great filler and very short. Enjoy!

  3. Oh oh oh oh oh oh! That does it I have the first one on audible, I am going to bump it up in the listening schedule!

  4. Sounds like I should read this one before Catch Me. My last in the series was Love You More.

    I enjoy the D. D. Warren character. Thanks for the review.


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