Friday, March 30, 2012

Bloggiesta - My To-Do List

This weekend I will be participating in my third Bloggiesta!

This is a great weekend blogging marathon being hosted by Suey at It's All About Books

The premise of the bloggiesta, for those that haven’t participated before, is to spend the entire weekend working, updating, improving your blog. From minor things such as writing up posts, to reaching out for guests posts and reorganizing all of your tags and categories.

So what do I plan to do this weekend?  Well… here’s my list:
  • Write up a few reviews that I need to post/set up posts for upcoming reviews
  • Evaluate current review format - look into possible new formats
  • Clean up tags, category lists
  • Update reading log and link reviews to log
  • Update my challenge lists and link reviews
  • Add an About Me page that includes review policy
  • Clean up my Google Reader subscriptions
  • Update Goodreads tbr read list
  • Update blog roll
  • Prepare posts for up-coming Book Blogger Confessions questions 
  • Prepare questions for up-coming Q&A's with authors and send out
  • Decide whether to do review archive by author and/or title
  • Analyze and re-evaluate my blog
  • Participate in at least 2 mini-challenges

It’ll be a fun and hopefully very productive weekend. I'm hoping to log at least 20 hours during this event - hopefully I will get even more in though!!!

What about you? Are you participating in Bloggiesta?


  1. Oh my goodness Kristin it looks like you are going to have a busy weekend! :D I'm just hoping to be able to spend some time reading this weekend (but I'm working and helping a friend move so...)

    Bonnie @

    1. I'm hoping to get some reading time in this weekend, too, but my primary focus will be working on my to-do list. Hope the move goes smoothly for your friend.

  2. You've got a great list! I also need to do a lot of updating. My mom was asking me what I was doing this for, and I told her it's a time to just get the cobwebs out! I'm ready! I've got a ton to do.

    1. I keep finding new things to do as I visit everyone and read their to-do lists.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hope you have a productive weekend! We have similar goals to accomplish. I'm just starting now. First up: purging my review folder. I have so many incomplete reviews, that I want to look at to see which to continuing writing and which to just delete.

    1. The first thing I did was update my reading list and challenges and link the reviews done to them. It was an easy task to do, but made me feel like I got something done.

  4. Looks like a terrific list. I'm having lots of fun and getting a little done at the same time.

    1. Me, too. I loved your challenge, but then got distracted playing around on Pinterest!

  5. You've got a lot to accomplish, but with clocking that many hours this weekend you should be able to get it done! Good luck and thanks for joining in Bloggiesta!

    Stumped or need more to-do for Bloggiesta? Check out the New Mini-Challenges and the Past Mini-Challenges to find more!

    1. I think I will get most of my original list done - the only problem is that as I keep visiting other blogs, I keep finding new things I want to do!

      Thanks again for hosting this event!!! Hope you are getting some things done, too!

  6. How are you doing?!?!?! I guess I have to see if you did any update posts!

    1. So far I posted 2 updates...I've gotten quite a bit done so far. What about you?


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