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Review: All I Want Is You by Sherrill Bodine

First line: Darlings, love is in the air!

From the back cover:  
She's stealing his heart...
Vintage boutique owner Venus Smith is stunned to realize her newest acquisition comes with a larcenous legend. Stolen years ago, the antique mermaid brooch belongs to the Clayworth family. The right thing to do would be to return it, but that means facing Connor Clayworth O'Flynn, the sexy department store heir Venus has had an unrequited crush on since childhood - and the man who helped ruin her father. 

One Kiss at a Time
Connor knows that Venus has never forgiven him for what happened between their families. But business isn't personal, even though Venus's father's betrayal still cuts him like a knife. So when Venus proposes a deal - she'll return his family's brooch if he helps clear her father's name - he reluctantly agrees. As action-packed days turn into flirtatious fall nights, it isn't long before old memories resurface...and new desires ignite. Can two young lovers leave the past behind? Or must they first admit that all they've ever really each other?

My thoughts: This is a light-hearted, fun story with just a dash of a mystery thrown in. It is the third book of Sherrill Bodine's that is set within Chicago's high society - the other two being Talk of the Town and A Black Tie Affair. I've read both and was looking forward to picking this one up when I heard it had come out.

In All I Want Is You, you can't help falling in love with the characters, while being mesmerized by the mystery of the broach. Sherrill Bodine has again thrust us headfirst into Chicago's world of fashion and design, this time focusing on Venus Smith, a jewelry specialist. Having acquired a jeweled mermaid broach that she later determines to be a stolen piece from long ago, she devises a plan with her arch-enemy, who also happens to be her long-ago crush, to figure out who stole the broach. At the same time, she decides to get to the bottom of what really happened to cause the Clayworth's to fire her father. Will her plan work and will she be able to resist the charming, sexy Connor at all costs?
With these stories, of course we always know boy gets girl in the end, or does he? The mystery of who really is the thief and why Venus's father was fired will keep you turning the pages until you get to the very end.
I also found the process of Venus creating new pieces of jewelry to be fascinating - I just wish we could see some of her creations. Hopefully this is not the last time we will be seeing these characters!

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  1. I have not read this author. Sounds like a fun read.

    1. It definitely is!!! The other 2 books were fun, quick reads, too.

  2. I haven't read the author, but I definitely should. This book looks really awesome.

    1. It's definitely a fun read - great summer beach reading!

  3. Hi,
    Sorry I didn't see this earlier!!1 Thanks so much for your support - it means everything!!!
    xoxo Sherrill


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