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Review: One for the Money by Janet Evanovich

First line: There are some men who enter a woman's life and screw it up forever.

From the back cover: Trenton native Stephanie Plum is out of work, out of money, and her car's in repo-hell. So who does a hardly working girl turn to when the going gets tough? Meet cousin Vinnie, bail bondsman. Stephanie figures it's nice work if you can get it - shagging bail jumpers for $10,000 a pop. So she joins up. Not that she knows the first thing about it. But hey, beggars can't be choosers.

Her first assignment: nail Joe Morelli, a former vice cop on the run from a charge of murder one. Stephanie knows Joe from the old neighborhood, and nothing would please her more than nabbing this bozo. But now the bad news - there's a cranky ex-prize fighter dogging her, unfinished business with Maestro Morelli himself, and a nasty habit she has of leaping first and looking later. If Stephanie doesn't wise up fast, the first dead body she sees could be her own.

My thoughts: I have finally decided to jump on the Janet Evanovich bandwagon and read the Stephanie Plum series. This first one was a great start to what I hope will continue to be a fun, fast-paced series.

In One for the Money, we meet Stephanie Plum, a down-on-her-luck New Jersey native, that ends up begging her cousin Vinnie for a job. Normally there wouldn't be any problems in that, except for the fact that Vinnie is a bail bondsman and Stephanie will be acting as a bounty hunter. Of course, she really isn't very good at being a bounty hunter - she's afraid to fire a gun - and that's where the comedy comes in, but she has courage, determination and plenty of sass and she uses all these to her advantage in this new job.

Throughout the book, we meet some very interesting characters - Stephanie's parents, her grandmother, and some of the other bounty hunters that work for Vinnie. And of course there are the fugitives that Stephanie must hunt down - the first being, as luck would have it, Joe Morelli, a guy from the neighborhood that Stephanie knows in more ways than one.

I can't believe I waited so long to read this book - there are now 18 books in this series, plus four in-between stories. Obviously I have a lot of catching up to do! Have you read any of the books in this series? Have you read anything else by Janet Evanovich? What about the movie of this book - has anyone seen it and would you recommend it?

(I received this book from a friend.)

Books in this series: 
     1.  One for the Money                         11.  Eleven on Top
     2.  Two for the Dough                         12.  Twelve Sharp
     3.  Three to Get Deadly                      12.5  Plum Lovin'
     4.  Four to Score                                   13.  Lean Mean Thirteen
     5.  High Five                                           13.5  Plum Lucky
     6.  Hot Six                                                14.  Fearless Fourteen
     7.  Seven Up                                           14.5  Plum Spooky
     8.  Hard Eight                                         15.  Finger Lickin' Fifteen  
     8.5  Visions of Sugar Plums              16.  Sizzling Sixteen
     9.  To the Nines                                      17.  Smokin' Seventeen
    10.  Ten Big Ones                                    18.  Explosive Eighteen


  1. I've enjoyed this series. I am at a point now after 18 books for Stephanie to choose her man!

    1. The series is definitely fun. I'm listening to the second book on audio and the narrator is fantastic! Plus, getting them on audio means I will get caught up a little faster!

  2. I am only book 3 so you aren't the only one far behind! I love them in audio so I am fitting them in here and there :)

    1. I'm listening to the second one on audio and it's hysterical! The narrator is great and I just put a hold on the third one in audio at the library.

  3. The series was recommended to me a few years ago in Cyprus, when we were caught up in the 'ash cloud' debacle. I've been waiting to get it on Kindle, but they've started with the later books. So.... I am collecting One for Money from the library tomorrow and looking forward to a good read

  4. I'm a huge Janet Evanovich fan... and i love the Stephanie Plum series... some books of Janet before the plum series are Hero @ Large, Naughty Neighbor,
    Wife for Hire, Grand Finale and Foul Play previously published under the name Stefanie Hall... she also have books co-authored with charlotte huges the full house, full tilt, full bloom, full blast and full scoop... also add Wicked Appetite and her new Wicked Business to your J.E. reading list... Enjoy!

    1. I've seen the Wicked books, but haven't read any yet...I'll have to check them out!

  5. Male reader here - finished the first book a few weeks back, and enjoyed it a lot. Starting the second book this evening ...


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