Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review: Death Threads by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

First line: Tori Sinclair had always prided herself on being a relatively calm person - the kind of woman who kept a cool head and a professional demeanor at all times.

From the back cover: Tori Sinclair is basking in the warmth of her new circle of friends. That is until local author Colby Calhoun reveals an unflattering secret about the town's historic past. He soon finds that when you fray the stitches on the ladies' cloak of southern hospitality, things are bound to fall apart...

Then Colby disappears, leaving a trail of blood but few clues to his possible murder. Tori looks to her sewing circle  to help her cut through Sweet Briar's tight weave of ancient feuds and alliances to find him. But when she sees a pattern of townsfolk's age-old southern pride standing in the way of justice, she knows it's time to unravel the mystery...

My thoughts: This is the second in Elizabeth Lynn Casey's Southern Sewing Circle Mystery series and I was guessing right up to the very end what was going on. 

Tori is still adjusting to life in Sweet Briar and still forging relationships with the people of the town. She continues to meet with the sewing circle, learning the proper etiquette of southern living. When local author Colby Calhoun disappears after dispelling local lore about Sweet Briar, Tori takes the matter into her own hands to get to the bottom of things. She even enlists the help of some friends, while realizing a few harsh truths about others when it comes to town pride. 

I have come to enjoy this series for the fun, eccentric characters as well as the quirky southern mannerisms that we get glimpses of. I also enjoy hearing about the different projects the sewing circle members work on and love how they all jump on board to work on group projects as well as their own individual projects. Last time it was dress-up costumes for the children's section of the library and this time it was gift bags for the local nursing home residents that request library books. Reading about these projects really makes me want to take up sewing!

Have you ever been inspired to try something after reading a book?

(I purchased this book.)

Books in this series:
  1. Sew Deadly                                    5.  Dangerous Alterations
  2. Death Threads                              6.  Reap What You Sew
  3. Pinned for Murder                     7.   Let it Sew - due out November 2012
  4. Deadly Notions

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