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Review: Return to Rose Cottage by Sherryl Woods

Return to Rose Cottage by Sherryl Woods
Mira Books
November 2010
Format: Paperback, 488 pages

First line: The headline said it all: Guilty Man Freed.

Synopsis from B&N: New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Sherryl Woods draws you into the world of Rose Cottage, where the D'Angelo sisters reunite with family and find lasting love.

The Laws of Attraction
High-powered attorney Ashley D'Angelo has finally burned out. After heeding the call of Rose Cottage, she believes she may have found the calm she so desperately needs and perhaps the chance at a happy ending with handsome Josh Madison. But if Josh isn't quite who he seems, is he still the man who can complete Ashley's joy?

For the Love of Pete
After hearing her sisters speak of the emotional healing to be found at Rose Cottage, Jo D'Angelo takes a chance and returns to the beautiful home. Only she knows the cottage is where she once loved and lost Pete Catlett. She's stunned to find Pete back there, as well, dealing with worries about his young son. Can the romantic wonder of the cottage reunite these two wounded souls?

My Thoughts: My love affair with Sherryl Woods' books continues...she seems to tell stories that grab you from the start and have you rooting for love to overcome all. Return to Rose Cottage contains the last two books of her Rose Cottage Sisters series and once again, I could find myself totally relating to the way to sisters rally around each other when one is hurting.

In the first story, The Laws of Attraction, we follow Ashley, the oldest D'Angelo sister, who has fled to Rose Cottage after defending and winning a case for a client who was indeed guilty. It all comes crashing down on her when the client almost murders another person. While at Rose Cottage, her sisters make her relax, taking away the work she brought down with her. She takes time to read some romance novels and concentrate on herself. When she literally runs into Josh Madison, she realizes that maybe there is room in her life for love. But what about the secrets that Josh is keeping from her? Will they get in the way or can Josh and Ashley find their way to happiness?

In the second story, For the Love of Pete, we follow Jo, the youngest D'Angelo sister. Jo has come down to Rose Cottage after finding her finance in bed with another woman. The only problem with being at Rose Cottage is that she doesn't want to see a certain man, her first love. None of her sisters know about this, but have noticed that on all her trips down to Rose Cottage, she was very reluctant to be out and about. On her first day at the cottage, she comes face-to-face with Pete Catlett - the very person she was hoping to avoid. He was sent there by one of the sisters to do some repair work, not knowing the history between Jo and Pete. Can these two find the love that was lost when fate intervened in the past, a fate that has had lasting repercussions? 

I thoroughly enjoyed these last two visits to Rose Cottage. It seems like a magical place where love overcomes all. Having a place to run away to when life gets to be too much is my place of heaven! Have you read this series? Have you read about a place that you wish you could visit, be it real or imagined? 

(I purchased this book.) 

Books in this series:
  1. Home at Rose Cottage
    • Three Down the Aisle
    • What's Cooking?
  2. Return to Rose Cottage
    • The Laws of Attraction
    • For the Love of Pete 

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