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Review: Midnight Kiss by Robyn Carr, Jean Brashear, Victoria Dahl (e-book)

Midnight Kiss by Robyn Carr, Jean Brashear, Victoria Dahl
Harlequin Anthology
November 2010
Format: e-book, 320 pages

First line: Sunny Archer was seriously considering a legal name change.

Synopsis from B&N: These are New Year's resolutions worth keeping
Take a risk.
At the inaugural New Year's Eve party at Jack's Bar, two lonely revelers decide the best balm for their broken hearts might just be each other.
Find the perfect work-life balance.
When a flinty lawyer with a bad-boy addiction meets the quintessential nice guy, sparks fly that consume their expectations of life and love.
Get those finances in order.
Working over the holidays on a messy bank takeover is made worse for two federal specialists by an ill-advised kiss that will never happen again...right? 

My thoughts: This was a fun anthology to read that includes three short novellas. I picked this up because it contains the next story in a series I am reading. I've read books by Robyn Carr before but had never even heard of the other two before picking this up. Now, I will definitely be checking out what else Jean Brashear and Victoria Dahl have written because I enjoyed their stories here.

Robyn Carr's Midnight Confessions is actually the 12th book in her Virgin River series. It tells the story of Sunny and Drew. Both are dealing with broken engagements and end up spending New Years Eve together after meeting at Jack's Bar. Both have a lot to overcome before starting a new relationship, but Drew seems pretty optimistic that they would make a good fit. For those that read the Virgin River series, Sunny is Nate Jensen's niece [Nate appeared in book 8 of the series] and Drew is Marcie Sullivan and Erin Foley's brother [Marcie and Erin first appear in book 4, which is Marcie's story, and then again in book 11, which is Erin's story]. It was a cute short story, but I wish Sunny and Drew were given a full book - their relationship seems a bit rushed at times and the entire story seems to take place over a period of 24 hours. Hopefully we will see more of them in future books.

Jean Brashear is a new author to me and I found her novella, Midnight Surrender to be a fun, steamy romance novella.  Will, an Irishman living in Texas, is a hunky character that just wants to find a woman to settle down with. He see's his boss's wife, as the ideal mate, but can't seem to find someone like that. Jordan is an attorney and a player by anyone's standards. She never dates a man more than a few times and doesn't believe in the word commitment. This is the case of opposites truly attracting, but does Will have the patience to wait for Jordan to see that they truly belong together?

Victoria Dahl is also a new-to-me author, and I really enjoyed her novella, Midnight Assignment. Noah and Elise work together and have been quietly pinning for each other for about two years. After Noah gets the job that Elise wanted, things become a little tense between the two. Stuck working together over the holiday season, they spend some time together unwinding and things get a little steamy between the two. Can they figure out that they both want the same thing before one pushes the other away?

All in all, these three short stories were fun romances and fast reads. All three occur during New Years Eve and who doesn't like reading about that romantic, fun night? Do you like reading short stories or do you prefer full novels?

(I purchased this e-book.)

Books in the Virgin River series:
  1. Virgin River                                   11.1   Sheltering Hearts
  2. Shelter Mountain                         12.  Midnight Confessions
  3. Whispering Rock                          13.  Promise Canyon
  4. A Virgin River Christmas          14.  Wild Man Creek
  5. Second Chance Pass                    15.  Harvest Moon
  6. Temptation Ridge                        16.  Bring Me Home for Christmas
  7. Paradise Valley                             17.  Hidden Summit      
  8. Under the Christmas Tree        18.  Redwood Bend
  9. Forbidden Falls                            19.  Sunrise Point
  10. Angel's Peak                                  20.  My Kind of Christmas - due out Oct 2012  
  11. Moonlight Road 

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