Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: Hunting Eve by Iris Johansen

Hunting Eve by Iris Johansen 
Series: Eve Duncan #19 
St. Martin's Press 
July 2013 
Format: Hardcover, 400 pages 
Source: Library

She's broken free. But danger is in hot pursuit. And rescue is nowhere in sight... 

Eve Duncan is on the run. Kidnapped by Jim Doane, a mysterious man who wants her to complete a sinister forensic sculpture, she now has no time to savor the victory of escaping from him. He's back on her trail and closing in fast. At the mercy of the Colorado wilderness, she struggles to outwit and outrun him, but the odds are stacked high in his favor. Doane desperately needs Eve's skill to reconstruct the skull of his son - a sick and twisted killer who still holds Doane in thrall from beyond the grave - and like a man possessed, he refuses to let anything stand in his way.

The CIA has its own reasons for tracking Eve's nemesis. And those closest to Eve - Joe Quinn and Jane MacGuire - are doing everything in their power to rescue her, while a hired gun named Lee Zander is on a personal mission to eliminate Doane. But does that mean he can be trusted to save Eve? Zander's checkered history may be tied to Eve's own past in a shocking way - or he may be nothing more than another assassin with a long-standing grudge and an overactive trigger finger.

Using everything from cutting-edge technology to animal whispers, the hunt for Eve is on. And the hourglass is almost empty.

My thoughts: This is the second book in Iris Johansen's newest Eve Duncan trilogy and it is such a heart-stopping, thrilling read that I am going crazy waiting until the third book, Silencing Eve comes out next month. As soon as the library emailed to say my copy of Hunting Eve came in, I put all other books aside and devoured this one.

Picking up right were Taking Eve leaves off, the stakes are raised even higher as Eve battles Jim Doane, the man who has taken her hostage. She is able to get away and now is hiding out in the woods, trying to determine her best course of action. Secrets about why Eve has been targeted come to light, bringing Eve even closer to danger.

Iris Johansen takes us inside the minds of three very different killers in this installment. The first is Kevin, a young boy whose visions and voice haunt Eve as he threatens her from his fiery grave. Another is Jim Doane, her former captor whose only goal is revenge and making her pay for what she did to Kevin. Finally, there's Zander, a hired gun on a personal mission to take out Doane.  As we hear the voices and innermost thoughts of each killer, we learn about their relationship to Eve. Eve is strong and she is resilient but how much longer can she run?

Helping to find Eve, we see some old familiar faces. Joe calls in Kendra Michaels to assist with the search, plus Jane has Trevor and Caleb working with her. Will they be able to figure out where she is before it's too late?

With a totally unexpected cliffhanger, Hunting Eve sets up perfectly for the finale, Silencing Eve and I am chomping at the bit to get my hands on that book! I definitely foresee me running to the library when I get the call that my copy is in and putting everything else aside while I read the book.

Have you ever had a book that as soon as you got your hands on it, everything else fell to the wayside while you read it?

Books in this series:
  1. The Face of Deception              13.  Quicksand
  2. The Killing Game                         14.  Blood Game
  3. The Search                                     15.  Eight Days to Live
  4. Body of Lies                                   16.  Chasing the Night
  5. No One to Trust                            17.  Sleep No More
  6. Dead Aim                                        18.  Taking Eve
  7. Fatal Tide                                        19.  Hunting Eve
  8. Blind Alley                                     20.  Silencing Eve - due out Oct 2013
  9. Countdown                                   
  10. Killer Dreams 
  11. Stalemate
  12. Pandora's Daughter 


  1. I love Iris Johansen's books. They pull you in and leave you wanting more and more. Great!!!!!

    1. They absolutely do!!! And I love when previous characters come back!

  2. Your enthusiasm for this book is wonderful, Kristin. Yes, reading does make me "forget" all the other stuff I should do, all too often!

    1. Thanks Suko...this is one of the best series I've read!

  3. I have it on my nightstand! I have a few ahead of it but then it will be in my CD Player :)


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