Friday, June 13, 2014

Book Blog Walkers: Weekly Check-in June 13


Well, this week certainly didn't go as planned...I ended up going to the doctor on Tuesday because my lower back was still bothering me from my fall a week ago. The doctor put me on full bed rest for a few days and modified bed rest for at least a week. Let me tell you - it's hard to be on bed rest when you have 2 dogs. But, I did my best and after 3 days of doing nothing but bare necessity chores - taking dogs out for quick walks, I am feeling a bit better. I plan on continuing with the modified best rest for another week and then I'm off to lay on the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for 8 days...I cannot wait!!!

Here's how my week went:  

Jun  7:  rest
Jun  8:  walk on beach - 15 minutes
Jun  9:  15 minutes
Jun 10:  rest

Jun 11:  rest
Jun 12: rest

Jun 13: rest
How did your week go?



  1. Well there you go, bed rest! Not so good for exercise, but surely it must be doing wonders for some reading. Hope it is fully healed soon and you can enjoy that Mexico holiday.

    1. Yes, I did get in quite a lot of reading time, which was nice. But, bed rest does get old real fast!

  2. Get some rest so you can enjoy Mexico! I'm sure it will be hot in Mexico so you'll be sweating off calories while you are relaxing lol. I hope you have a good week!


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