Monday, November 24, 2014

Review: The Burning Girl: A Whispers Story by Lisa Unger

Title: The Burning Girl: A Whispers Story   
Author: Lisa Unger    
Series: The Whispers, #2     
Published: November 2014, Gallery Books  
Format: ARC e-book, 75 pages   
Source: Netgalley   

From New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger comes the second of three stories in an e-novella about a psychic medium and the strange secrets she begins to uncover--for better or for worse.

Ten years after Eloise Montgomery discovers her psychic abilities, she is a full-fledged working psychic, with a partner and a business. Now, in The Burning Girl, she's discovering some disturbing things: secrets about her genealogy that are, perhaps, best left in the past; that her granddaughter Finley has powers of her own; and that not all of Eloise's visitors actually want to be helped. Some of them are just looking for trouble...

Writing with the same taut prose that earned her critical acclaim for her explosive thriller Beautiful Lies, Lisa Unger delivers a spellbinding story that will leave you wanting more.

My thoughts: This is the second story in Lisa Unger's The Whispers novella trilogy. I really enjoyed the first one and couldn't wait to dive in to this next one!

Taking place ten years after the previous story ends, I was immediately pulled into the storyline and read this short story in one sitting. Eloise has continued to use her gift that developed after the death of her daughter and husband to help others, but still struggles with it. She has learned to use her visions when she can, but now she has a vision that she can't be ride of...the Burning Girl. This girl is full of rage and a danger to Eloise. 

I love the characters that Lisa Unger introduces us to in this story - some familiar and some new. We get to know a little more about Eloise and her family, finding out that Amanda, her daughter, has moved across the country and started her own family. Amanda's young daughter Finley has recently started having visions and Amanda is definitely not happy about this. Ray, the private detective that Eloise works cases with, has become more than just a work partner. Agatha, a local psychic, has become Eloise's mentor and business partner.

I definitely felt like there was more of a supernatural, ghostly feel to this installment, due to the burning girl appearances, and in some cases it was a bit creepy, but I still loved it! It was darker and a bit more unsettling, with things not as wrapped up as the first when it ends...but that just has me more eager to get my hands on that final installment!

Books in this series:
  1. The Whispers
  2. The Burning Girl
  3. The Three Sisters - due out Jan 5, 2015


  1. I enjoyed this one too Kristin and hope we find out more.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this short story, Kristin. I hope you'll enjoy the next one in the series as much or more.

  3. I've got The Whispers and am trying to decide whether to wait until all three books are out before I begin.


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