Saturday, March 21, 2015

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in March 20

So, last week I was in Washington DC with my mom and we did a ton of walking! Friday was the better day, weather-wise, so that's why you'll see the higher step amounts, but we still did a fair bit of walking even in the rain on Saturday. The rest of the week, work was insane, and I was afraid I was coming down with a cold, so I didn't do any purposeful exercise other than just walking the dogs three or four times a day, depending on the weather. I'm hoping next week, work will calm down and I can get back to my normal exercise regime, including getting back to the gym!
Here's how my week went:  

Mar 13:  sight-seeing in DC (23,760 steps)
Mar 14:  sight-seeing in DC (15,095 steps)
Mar 15:  sight-seeing in DC (10,528 steps)
Mar 16:  5,621 steps

Mar 17: 8,900 steps

Mar 18:  7,411 steps

Mar 19:  9,195 steps
Mar 20:  10, 196 steps


How did your week go? You can find this week's link-up here.


  1. Sight seeing is a fun way to get steps and boy did you get them!! Hope you can avoid a full-on cold. I'm just starting to get over mine that hung around for over two weeks. Yuck. Feel better!

  2. Amazing what sight seeing can do to steps! Seems a few of you have spring colds, our weather is changing too, hope it's cleared and you'll be springing into action again.

  3. I hope you'll feel better next week and that you'll be able to relax more, take care ;)


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