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Short & Sweet Review: Bare Bones by Kathy Reichs (audio)

Title: Bare Bones   
Author: Kathy Reichs    
Series: Temperance Brennan, #6     
Narrator: Barbara Rosenblat   
Published: 2006, Recorded Books   
Length: 9 hours 25 minutes   
Source: Library  
She works with the dead, but she works for the living.

“Down time” is not a phrase in Tempe Brennan’s vocabulary. A string of disturbing cases has put her vacation plans on hold; instead, she heads to the lab to analyze charred remains from a suspicious fire, and a mysterious black residue from a small plane crash. But most troubling of all are the bones. . . . Tempe’s daughter’s new boyfriend invites them to a picnic — a pig pickin’ — in the North Carolina countryside, where a cache of bones turns up. But are they animal or human? X-rays and DNA may link the crimes, but they can’t reveal who is closing in on Tempe and her daughter — and how far they will go to keep her from uncovering the truth.
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My thoughts: This is a great series and I am loving that since I got a late start to it, I can read (or in my case, listen to) the books in rapid succession rather than have to wait a year until the next one comes out. This one picks up shortly after the previous one, with Tempe on her way to a vacation with Ryan when a case derails those plans. 

The case was interesting, intersecting with another one, and Tempe's daughter was present in this book - which is not often the case. Interestingly enough, Ryan doesn't really appear too much in this book...though, their relationship does seem to be moving forward to some degree. 

I will say that this definitely wasn't my favorite. I liked it enough to finish it, but more so that I didn't miss out on any character development than anything else. It just seemed to drag a bit, which I haven't felt in the previous books. Oh well, can't love them all!

Audio thoughts: Another installment in this series, another new narrator. Oh how I wish they would pick one narrator and stick with her for the whole series! It's so hard to get used to the new voices when you already have someone else's voice in your head. That being said, this is the first time I've listened to Barbara Rosenblat narrate anything and she did a good job despite me already having heard quite a few other narrates voice this series.

Books in this series: 

  1. Deja Dead                                12.  206 Bones
  2. Death du Jour                       13.  Spider Bones
  3. Deadly Decisions                 14.  Flash & Bones
  4. Fatal Voyage                         15.  Bones are Forever
  5. Grave Secrets                        15.5  Bones in Her Pocket
  6. Bare Bones                              16.  Bones of the Lost
  7. Monday Mourning              16.5  Swamp Bones
  8. Cross Bones                            17.  Bones Never Lie
  9. Break No Bones
  10. Bones to Ashes
  11. Devil Bones


  1. This is a series that I'm looking forward to starting but I think the continuously changing narrators would annoy me. I may stick to this in print form. I like the sounds of this series and always love when they focus on the forensic angle.

  2. I have watched the whole tv-show, Bones, but never opened a single book of the series, how sad. I should remedy that this year :)


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