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Blog Tour & Book Excerpt: Thrill Me by Susan Mallery (Plus Giveaway!!!) GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Today, I’m excited to share with you an excerpt from Susan Mallery's upcoming book, Thrill Me, the latest book in her Fool's Gold series. There is also a fun prize pack up for grabs so be check out the giveaway at the bottom of this post.  I am stop #8 on the excerpt tour, so if you haven't been following along, be sure to go back to the beginning as the book excerpts follow along in sequence.  You can find the full tour schedule here. I'll also be participating in the review tour for the book - make sure to some back on August 14 for my review!

Title: Thrill Me   
Author: Susan Mallery    
Series: Fool's Gold, #18      
Published: July 2015, HQN Books  
Format: Paperback, 368 pages   

Meet the Mitchell brothers of Fool's Gold, California—five gorgeous men who've left a trail of broken hearts in their wake…

Maya Farlow learned the hard way to depend only on herself, so when she fell too deeply for the bad-boy charms of Del Mitchell, she did the only thing she could—she ran. Stunned, Del left Fool's Gold to make his name and fortune in extreme sports.

Now ten years later, Maya's been hired to promote her hometown's new slogan, The Destination for Romance. The celebrity spokesman is none other than Del, the man she dumped but never forgot. Awkward!

Although Del's not the type to hold a grudge, he's determined to avoid falling a second time for the woman who broke his heart. He's a daredevil, not an idiot. Trouble is, in all his adventures, he never found a rush as exhilarating as Maya's kiss. Maybe risking his heart will prove to be the biggest thrill of all…

Excerpt #8:

He stepped into the house and back into the past. Very little had changed. The living room had different sofas, but in the same spot. His father’s glasswork was everywhere, all carefully mounted or secured so Sophie or her wagging tail didn’t do any damage.

Del turned his attention back to his mother. Elaine had met Ceallach Mitchell when she’d been twenty. According to her, it had been love at first sight. His father had never told his side of the story. They’d married four months later and Del had been born a year after that. Four more sons had followed, each about a year apart until the twins.

His mom looked as she always had, with dark, shoulder-length hair and an easy smile. But as he studied her, he saw that there were a few differences. She was older, but it was more than that. She seemed tired, maybe.

“You okay, Mom?”

“I’m fine. I don’t sleep as well as I used to.” She shrugged. “The change.”

He wasn’t sure exactly which change she was referring to, but he wasn’t going there. Rather than take a safe step back and escape, he moved to the sofa. Sophie jumped up next to him and immediately settled in for a nap.

His mother sat across from him. “How long are you in town?”

“The rest of the summer. You said to be home for Dad’s birthday. I came back early.”

“Your father will be pleased.”

Del was less sure about that. Ceallach might be brilliant, but he was also temperamental. In his mind what mattered was art. Everything else was a far second. A lesser kind of living. He had no patience for or interest in mere mortal lives or pursuits.

“You’re here by yourself?” his mother asked.

Del nodded. Last time he’d been home he’d brought Hyacinth. He’d been so sure they were going to make it. But they hadn’t. She’d been unable to promise herself to a single man and he’d been unable to accept the string of what she swore were insignificant lovers that moved in and out of her bed. While he’d loathed the cheating, the dishonesty had been just as bad.

“Traveling light,” he told his mother.

“Del, you need to settle down.”

“I’ve never wanted to settle.”

“You know what I mean. Don’t you want a family?”

“Finally playing the grandkid card?”

She smiled. “Yes. It’s time. Your father and I have been married thirty-five years and yet none of my boys has ever gotten married. Why is that?”

He couldn’t speak for his brothers. He’d been in love twice in his life, first with Maya and then with Hyacinth. Both relationships had ended badly. And the common denominator? Him.

His father strolled into the living room. Ceallach Mitchell was tall and broad-shouldered. Despite being weeks away from turning sixty, he was still strong, with the muscles required to wrestle large pieces of molten glass into submission. Del acknowledged his father’s genius—there was no denying brilliance. But he also knew it came at a price.

“Del’s home,” Elaine said, motioning to the sofa.

Ceallach stared at his son. For a second Del wondered if his father was trying to figure out which of his offspring he was.

“He came back for your birthday,” his mother added.

“Good to know. What are you doing these days? Surfing?”

Del thought about the board he’d created, the company he’d started, how much he’d sold it for and the impressive amount sitting in his bank account.

“Most days,” he said, dropping his hand to rub Sophie’s tummy. The beagle shifted onto her back and sighed.

“You seen Nick?” his father asked. “He’s still working in that bar, wasting his talent. No one can get through to him. I’m done trying.”

With that, Ceallach walked out of the room.

Del stared after him. “Good to see you, too, Dad.”

His mother pressed her lips together. “Don’t be like that,” she said. “You know how he gets. It’s just his way. He’s glad you’re back.”

Del was less sure about that, but didn’t want to start a fight. Nothing had changed. Ceallach only cared about his art and other people with the potential to create art, and Elaine still stood between him and the world, acting as both buffer and defender.

“What are you up to these days?” she asked. “I know you sold your company. Congratulations.”

“Thanks. I’m still deciding what’s next. I’ve been offered some design work.”

“Are you going to take it?”

“No. I came up with my board on my own. I’m not a designer. There are a couple of venture capitalists who want to fund my next big idea.” Which would be great if he had one. What he most wanted to do—well, that wasn’t going the way he’d hoped.

“You have time to decide what’s important.”

The right words, but again he had the sense she was hiding something. Not that he was going to ask again. Secrets were an ongoing part of life in the Mitchell family. He’d learned early to wait until they were shared.

“You could go to work for your brother,” she said.

“Aidan?” Del laughed. “At the family business? No thanks. And I doubt he’d appreciate you offering my help.”

“He’s busy all the time. Especially in summer.”

He couldn’t imagine what his brother would have to say about his advice. These days they barely kept in touch. Del remembered when they’d been close and wondered what had happened. Sure he’d been gone, but he emailed and texted.

Another problem for another day, he told himself and rose.

“Good to see you, Mom,” he said as he crossed to her and kissed her on the cheek.

“You, too. I expect to see a lot of you while you’re in town.”

“You will.”

“And shave.”

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About  the author: New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery has won the hearts of millions of readers around the world with books described as “immensely entertaining, intensely emotional” (RT Book Reviews), “hilarious” (Fort Worth Star-Telegram), and “heartwarming” (Publishers Weekly).

One major retailer recently described her as “the queen of romantic fiction.” While she deeply appreciates the accolades of critics and booksellers, Mallery is even more honored by the enthusiasm of her readers and the word-of-mouth that catapults her toward the top of the bestsellers lists time and again.

Mallery lives in not-so-sunny Seattle with her husband and a toy poodle who makes her laugh every day and who’s not even a little bit impressed by her growing fame.

Author Links: Website | FacebookTwitter | Pinterest | Goodreads


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