Sunday, October 25, 2015

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in October 23

Another week of just squeaking by with my step goal (10k/day) this week, except for Wednesday. I've had some long days at the computer this past week, trying to finish up projects at work before my last day, which is this Friday.  I foresee another long week of computer time and meetings ahead of me and then I plan on getting my butt back to the gym pronto!!! Yoga classes, long walks and strength training are all going to be part of my routine...I just need to get through this week ;)
Here's how my week went: 

Oct 17:  4,134 steps
Oct 18:  7,041 steps
Oct 19:  2-15 minute fitness walks with dogs,
12,982 steps 
Oct 20:  2-15 minute fitness walks with dogs, 11,169, steps
Oct 14:  2-15 minute fitness walks with dogs, 8,210 steps

Oct 15:  2-15 minute fitness walks with dogs, 10,942 steps
Oct 16: 
2-15 minute fitness walks with dogs, 10,042 steps
Audiobooks listened to this week: 

  • Shadow Play by Iris Johansen, narrated by Elisabeth Rodgers

How did your week go? You can find this week's link-up here.



  1. Great job meeting your step goal. Looks like your average is 10K+.

  2. You are doing great on gettin' your steps in every day. Good for you.

  3. Just scraping through looks very good as I look at it from where I sit! All the best for the coming busy week.

  4. Nice work! Last Friday I did your two walk method... It helped me get in the steps when I didn't have a huge block of time to get a big walk it. Thanks!!

  5. Nice job this week! Having to sit in front of a computer does lower the step count for sure. But you're steps still look good to me!


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