Monday, February 01, 2016

Month in Review: January 2016

Here are my reading stats for January!
  • Books read: 11
Books I read:
  1. Me Before You -- Jojo Moyes
  2. Lost & Found in Cedar Cove -- Debbie Macomber (e-book)
  3. The Forgotten Room -- Karen White, Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig (e-book)
  4. After the Crash -- Michel Bussi
  5. Bones Are Forever -- Kathy Reichs (audio)
  6. The Things We Keep -- Sally Hepworth (e-book)
  7. Avenged -- Elizabeth Heiter (e-book)
  8. The Storm Sister -- Lucinda Riley (audio)
  9. In Another Life -- Julie Christine Johnson (e-book)
  10. Paris for One -- Jojo Moyes (e-book)
  11. Bones in Her Pocket -- Kathy Reichs (e-book)

Favorite Books of January:
  • The Forgotten Room -- Karen White, Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig
  • The Storm Sister -- Lucinda Riley

Bookish news:
  • I was able to go to a book signing for The Forgotten Room by Karen White, Beatriz Williams & Lauren Willig - it was a wonderful evening, hearing about how the book came to be and how the three authors wrote the book. If you haven't picked this book up yet, I highly recommend it!!! 
  • The She Reads 'Books of Winter' selections have been announced...and they are great selections! I did a post spotlighting them which you can find here and will be reading and reviewing 2 of them soon - 1 I've already read and will be re-posting that review soon.

2016 Challenge Update:
  • You Read How Many Books? Reading Challenge -- Books Read: 11/150
  • Library Reading Challenge -- Books Read: 3/18
  • #ReadMyOwnDanmBooks Reading Challenge -- Books Read: 2/18
  • Netgalley Reading Challenge -- Books Read: 5/21
  • New Authors Reading Challenge -- Books Read: 3/45
  • E-books Reading Challenge -- Books Read: 6/25
  • Audio Books Reading Challenge -- Books Listened to: 3/50

* Kathryn over at The Book Date has created a Month in Review meme for those who put together these monthly posts. From now on, I'll be linking my posts up each month...Thanks Kathryn for putting this meme together!!!



  1. Looks like a good month Kristin, love the attending the book signing, must have been so fascinatin, definitely one I will pick up.

  2. You had a great start to the new year! I really, really need to read some Jojo Moyes... I own a few of her books, but you know how that goes!

    Hope February brings even better books into your orbit. :)

  3. You had a great month of reading, Kristin! I need to add this terrific meme to my list of memes. :)

  4. I hope to get to The Forgotten Room this month. Great month of reading as always!


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