Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review: Triple Love Score by Brandi Megan Granett

Title: Triple Love Score
Author: Brandi Megan Granett
Published: September 2016, Wyatt-MacKensie Publishing
Format: Paperback, 304 pages
Source: Author via the Publicist

What happens when you stop playing games?
Miranda Shane lives a quiet life among books and letters as a professor in a small upstate town. When the playing-by-the-rules poet throws out convention and begins to use a Scrabble board instead of paper to write, she sets off a chain of events that rattles her carefully planned world.  

Her awakening propels her to take risks and seize chances she previously let slip by, including a game-changing offer from the man she let slip away. But when the revelation of an affair with a graduate student threatens the new life Miranda created, she is forced to decide between love or poetry.

My thoughts: When I was approached by the publicist to read this book, I have to admit, the cover alone peaked my interest solely because of the Scrabble tiles...I am a huge Scrabble fan!!! In fact, that was one of the items on my bridal registry that my husband and I agreed on :) Though, sad to say, life has been so busy lately, that we have not had time to play any games lately. Anyway, back to the book - I agreed to read and am so glad I did, as it was more than just a sweet romance that involved Scrabble!

I loved the characters in this book. I felt they were so richly drawn and so real. Miranda felt like she could have been a friend or even a sister, she felt that real. There were traits about her that I could identify with and problems that we have all dealt with. And while there is the love triangle, it's more than that that she is dealing with. There is substance to it all. It shows that love isn't always a neat little package or one that follows a straight line...sometimes it's quite messy and that is something Miranda can definitely attest to.

The idea of Scrabble poetry was so cool and I loved seeing how Miranda would take what was happening and create her poems. I also loved that we actually get to see some of the poetry boards throughout the book - very neat to include them!!! I would love to know how Brandi came up with this idea - how very clever on her part, that's for sure!

Once I started reading this book, I had a hard time putting it down. I quickly became invested in the story and wanted to know what was going to happen with the love story and with Miranda's new business venture. I have a feeling that after reading this book, there might be a renewed interest in Scrabble games!!! I know I have the itch to start playing again...



  1. This has been on my radar since I first heard about it. So glad you loved it!

  2. I'm really interested in how her method catapults her into fame. Glad it was a good read.


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