Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review: Killing Kate by Alex Lake

Title: Killing Kate
Author: Alex Lake
Published: January 2017, Harper
Format: Paperback, 416 pages
Source: Publisher

A serial killer is stalking your home town.

He has a type: all his victims look the same.

And they all look like you.

Kate returns from a post break-up holiday with her girlfriends to news of a serial killer in her home town – and his victims all look like her.

It could, of course, be a simple coincidence.

Or maybe not.

She becomes convinced she is being watched, followed even. Is she next? And could her mild-mannered ex-boyfriend really be a deranged murderer?

Or is the truth something far more sinister?

My thoughts: I became a huge fan of Alex Lake after devouring After Anna, so of course, I jumped at the opportunity to read and review Killing Kate...and found myself with another addictive, thrilling psychological thriller! 

This is another fast-paced, twisted book that sucks you in right from the start. With the short chapters, it's hard to put it down, as you find yourself saying, "Oh, just one more...until you're at the end!" And with a few different things going on at once, it keeps your interest running high. 

Even though all the characters may not be likeable, you still find yourself wanting to know how they factor in to what is going on - because you know, in some way they do. As the story goes on, it takes on a creepy factor - and I found myself holding my breath a few times, wondering just what would happen next, and yet at the same time, getting frustrated at some of the actions of certain characters

There are plenty of red herrings thrown at us, and while I did figure out one of the major twists quite early on, it in no way detracted from my enjoyment. In fact, I wanted to know just how Alex Lake was going to pull it all together - my spidey senses were on high alert and I was frantically trying to put it all together to see if I would get it right. And I still was surprised!

Alex Lake crafts a clever tale that keeps you captivated from beginning to end. It's a rather quick read with plenty of twists and turns. It also makes you think...what would you do if you were targeted by a serial killer? I cannot wait until Alex Lake's next book - this author is definitely on my auto-read list!!!  



  1. Kristin,
    This book sounds suspenseful and clever. You have me wondering about those red herrings. :)


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