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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: The Cutaway by Christina Kovac

Next week, Christina Kovac's debut novel, The Cutaway, comes out and I'm pleased to offer you, my readers, a chance to win a copy here! I will be reading this book next and am really excited about it - I've been hearing some amazing feedback about it and can't wait to dig in!  You can also see what others have to say and then be sure to enter the giveaway below!!!

Title: The Cutaway
Author: Christina Kovac
Published: March 2017, 37Ink/Atria Books
Format: Hardcover, 320 pages

Much like Kathy Reichs brought readers into the forensics lab and Linda Fairstein showed us the inner workings of the Manhattan district attorney's office, Christina Kovac takes us inside a television newsroom in her captivating debut novel about a missing woman and the extreme lengths DC journalist Virginia Knightly take to solve the mystery of her disappearance...

Christina Kovac worked for seventeen years managing Washington, DC newsrooms and producing crime and political stories in the District. In THE CUTAWAY, she uses that expertise to create Virginia Knightly, a fiercely independent and, according to a starred Publishers Weekly review, "tenacious" and "lovable" Washington DC TV news producer.

Virginia Knightly is a decent, hardworking journalist willing to do the right thing. A heroine for our time, Knightly knows a good story and also knows when to dig beneath the surface. Knightly is the type of journalist that readers and news consumers crave.

When she receives a disturbing “MISSING” notice on her desk related to the disappearance of an attractive young attorney last seen at a restaurant in Georgetown, she can’t shake the image from her head. Yes, it happens every day. A woman is assaulted by someone said to have loved her, or, less often, by a stranger looking for prey, but Knightly's instinct's - the same ones that have propelled her to the top of her game - tells her there is something far more menacing about this case.

Risking her career, and perhaps even her life, Knightly decides to investigate the case on her own and dives deep into the dark underbelly of Washington, DC business and politics. What she uncovers will take her mercilessly through the inextricable webs of corruption that bind the press, the police, and politics in our nation’s capital.

AMC's The Killing meets HBO's The Newsroom, The Cutaway is a striking debut that will haunt you long after you reach the last page.

Early Praise

“The Newsroom meets Gone Girl”--Cosmopolitan

"An insider's look at TV news and the real workings of Washington DC, The Cutaway combines relentless pace, a compelling story, and a truly memorable protagonist.  Terrific."--Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of Suspicion and The Switch

"Readers will want to see more of this tenacious, lovable heroine."--Publishers Weekly

"A smart, highly satisfying story of crime, politics, the media, and ruthless ambition. With an insider’s knowledge of how to do everything from produce a live TV shoot, trade tips with cops during an investigation, or navigate the complex dynamics of gender in the modern workplace, Kovac brings intelligence and breathless plotting to The Cutaway. The result is sensational, in the best sense of the word."--Thomas Mullen, author of DARKTOWN

"THE CUTAWAY" is as clever as its title, a smart, fast-paced thriller that rolls through the murky waters of D.C. media and politics that Christina Kovac knows so well.  Virginia Knightly, the television news producer at the heart of this story, makes her debut with all the panache and style you wish the evening news still had."--Neely Tucker, author of Only The Hunted Run and Washington Post national desk correspondent

“Former D.C. newsroom manager Kovac knows her milieu and portrays it vividly in this smart, absorbing mix of media, politics, and mystery, with twists and turns to the end.”--Booklist

"A fast-paced and exciting story set in the glitz, glamour, and danger of DC.”--E.P. Clarke

“A great story that has romance, intrigue, and great dialogue. It is also a walking tour of the nation’s capital and a peek behind the scenes of politics, justice, and the news business.”--PAUL DALE ANDERSON

“...a fast-paced, engrossing adult mystery whose biggest strengths are its top-notch writing, a noble protagonist, and the many fascinating insights Kovac shares about the world of television journalism.”--Eve Messenger’s OtherWORDly Endeavors

“...this will appeal to readers who enjoy (Paula) Hawkins and (Gillian) Flynn, though Kovac has her own voice.”--Mirkat Always Reading

“Smart, strong, well drawn women characters add an extra dimension to this page-turning thriller, looking at the greed and power of the politically connected through a feminist lens.” “Smart, strong, well drawn women characters add an extra dimension to this page-turning thriller, looking at the greed and power of the politically connected through a feminist lens.” --Genrefluent

"A crackling thriller."--B&N Reads, March's Best New Thrillers


Thanks to the folks at 37Ink/Atria Books, I have one copy of The Cutaway to give away to my readers. To enter the giveaway, please fill out the rafflecopter below by March 20th.

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This giveaway is open to US residents only and ends March 20th.

Good Luck!!!



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