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Review: A Week at the Lake by Wendy Wax (audio)

Title: A Week at the Lake
Author: Wendy Wax
Narrator: Amy Rubinate
Published: June 2015, Tantor Audio / Berkley
Length: 10 hours 48 minutes / 432 pages
Source: Personal copy via Audible / Publicist

From the USA Today bestselling author of The House on Mermaid Point comes a powerful novel about secrets, loyalty, and the bonds of true friendship . . .  

Twenty years ago, Emma Michaels, Mackenzie Hayes, and Serena Stockton bonded over their New York City dreams. Then, each summer, they solidified their friendship by spending one week at the lake together, solving their problems over bottles of wine and gallons of ice cream. They kept the tradition for years, until jealousy, lies, and life’s disappointments made them drift apart.

It’s been five years since Emma has seen her friends, an absence designed to keep them from discovering a long-ago betrayal. Now she’s in desperate need of their support. The time has come to reveal her secrets—and hopefully rekindle their connection.

But when a terrible accident keeps Emma from saying her piece, Serena and Mackenzie begin to learn about the past on their own. Now, to heal their friendship and their broken lives, the three women will have to return to the lake that once united them, and discover which relationships are worth holding on to . . .

My thoughts: Wendy Wax has become a favorite author of mine...I love her 10 Beach Road series and adored one of the other stand-alones, While We Were Watching Downton Abbey. This is another stand-alone and I found it to be just as charming and endearing as her other books. She really gets women's friendships and relationships and can craft a story that explores these themes without them being too contrieved or trite.

What I loved about this book is just how real it felt. The friendships between these women and how even the most inconsequential event can have devastating results is only too real and relatable. How many times in real life has a secret kept you from a from someone, even when that secret was kept with the best of intentions? And when that secret then comes with keeping lie after lie? Oh boy! 

While I had a feeling halfway through what the secret was, I in no way saw the entire scope of it. And ultimately, that wasn't the purpose of this book. In my opinion, the purpose was in how these friends end up dealing with/coming to terms with what the secret is and the intentions/motivations behind keeping the secret. How do they proceed moving forward - or is it too late to repair any damage done?

These types of books always provide a little food for thought while also providing a little escape of good reading. There were definitely some good, pure humorous moments and then there were many tender moments as well.

Audio thoughts:
I am a big fan of Amy Rubinate, so when I saw that she was narrating this book, I jumped at the chance to listen to it and am so glad I did - what a great audio book! She did such a great job with this performance - the voices, the expressions, the pacing - everything!



  1. Wendy Wax is an author I've been wanting to try but haven't managed yet. After reading this review I think she's even higher up this list. This sounds wonderful! I love when the relationships between the characters feels real.

  2. I enjoyed your review. I loved this novel and hope to read more by Wendy Wax.

  3. I need to read this one, not available to me on Audible which makes me sad! However will be able to get One Good Thing which I am highly anticipating. I love her books too.


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