Monday, June 12, 2017

Review: Sister Sister by Sue Fortin

Title: Sister Sister
Author: Sue Fortin
Published: May 2017, Harper Impulse
Format: ARC Paperback, 384 pages
Source: Publisher

Alice: Beautiful, kind, manipulative, liar.

Clare: Intelligent, loyal, paranoid, jealous.

Clare thinks Alice is a manipulative liar who is trying to steal her life.
Alice thinks Clare is jealous of her long-lost return and place in their family.

One of them is telling the truth. The other is a maniac.
Two sisters. One truth.

My thoughts: This is the second book I've read by Sue Fortin and once again, I found myself completely captivated by the story. Unlike the previous book I read by Sue Fortin, The Girl Who Lied, this one is a fast-paced, psychological thriller through and through! 

Having one narrator, you really get to know Clare, yet at the same start to wonder if you can really trust her at times. There were so many times that I sympathized with all that she was going through and then there just as many times that I was questioning whether she was telling things truthfully or if she had become so paranoid that it was affecting her version of the truth. 

This book will keep you guessing as to what is going on the entire time. The tension builds slowly throughout, every once in a while ramping it up ever so slightly. It will definitely get under your skin until things finally become clear after a thrilling finale. While there were parts that I did guess - though this in no way detracted from my enjoyment! - there were other parts that I totally did not see coming. 

I liked that this book was a mix of family drama with a really good dose of psychological suspense. It definitely had me frantically flipping the pages trying to figure out just what was going on - all with my emotions running on overload! The tension is taut and nail-biting at times, and the characters are so well-developed and complex that they really come to life on the pages. 

Sue Fortin has definitely moved to my must-read list...this is two books I've read of hers that I absolutely loved! 


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  1. Thanks so much, Kristin, for this absolutely wonderful review. I'm so pleased you enjoyed both the books. Much appreciate you taking time to review them. Sue :0)


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