Sunday, July 30, 2017

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in Jul 28

So I challenged myself to walk a minimum of 100 miles this month - and while the month isn't quite over, I'm psyched that I already hit the goal as of Friday!!! And to think, I wasn't even training for a race ;)  I think this is something that I will definitely do again, though not next month as I will be away one week and won't be doing much that week. I like having a goal to work towards!

This time next week, I'll be on vacation - a week at the beach is just what I need  - sun, the sand and some R&R!!! Because of this, my next check-in will be in 2 weeks :)
July Goals: 

  • 10K steps M-F, at least 7,500 steps on the weekend  - 5/5, 1/2
  • 30 minutes of active walking every day, M-F - 5/5 (thank goodness for having to walk the dogs everyday!)
  • Strength training (3/5 days) - Met
  • Eat mindfully/eat enough - Yes
Here's how last week went:    
Jul 22:  7,319 steps
Jul 23:  8,701 steps

Jul 24:  18,978 steps (5K+ -  5 Charity Miles for Girls on the Run)   
Jul 25:  10,087 steps

Jul 26:  16,183 steps (5K+ -  5 Charity Miles for Girls on the Run)

Jul 27:  15
,040 steps
(5K+ -  5 Charity Miles for Girls on the Run)
Jul 28:  17
,604 steps (5K+ -  5 Charity Miles for Girls on the Run)

Total Steps: 93,912 steps

Audiobooks listened to last week (since I'm not much of a music fan, I listen to books while I walk):
  • Started & Finished The Lost Boy by Camilla Lackberg, narrated by Simon Vance
  • Started  The Book of Summer by Michelle Gable, narrated by Cassandra Campbell

How did your week go? You can find this week's link-up here.

Virtual 5K /10K Tally:
     January:                               May:                             September:   
           5K  -  4                                  5K  -  5                                5K  - 
         10K  -  7                                10K  -  6                               10K  - 
     February:                             June:                            October:

           5K  -  4                                  5K  -  10                               5K  - 
         10K  -  9                                10K  -  2                              10K  -   
     March:                                  July:                             November:
           5K  -  3                                  5K  -  14                                5K  - 
         10K  -  7                                10K  -  3                               10K  - 
     April:                                    August:                        December:
           5K  -  9                                  5K  -                                    5K  - 
         10K  -  1                                 10K  -                                  10K  -



  1. Looks like a great week and awesome month. When you said you had a goal of 100 miles - is that active walking miles or just "overall daily" miles? Impressive! I haven't thought about looking at my total miles for the month.

    1. 100 active miles! I have no idea what my overall daily miles are, but it is definitely higher considering I have the 2 dogs and take them out multiple times a day ;)

  2. Oops... I think Coco (one of my new kittens) just deleted my comment before it posted... Oh well. I did want to know if your 100 miles is active miles or daily miles. Impressive!


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