Sunday, July 02, 2017

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in Jun 30

Despite having a summer cold this past week, it was still a pretty good week. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything too strenuous, but I still got my walks in, albeit a bit slower than normal, but better than nothing. Luckily the cold seems to have passed and I think I can get back to my strength training - it's a bit of circuit training, so it gets my heart pumping, so trying to do it while I was all stuffed up just didn't work.
June Goals: 

  • 10K steps M-F, at least 7,500 steps on the weekend  - 5/5, 1/2
  • 30 minutes of active walking every day, M-F - 5/5 (thank goodness for having to walk the dogs everyday!)
  • Attend at least 1 yoga class/week - on hold for the time being.
  • Eat mindfully/eat enough - Yes
Here's how last week went:    
Jun 24:  6,241 steps
Jun 25:  7,960 steps

Jun 26:  15,188 steps (5K+ - 4 Charity Miles for Girls on the Run)   
Jun 27:  12,659 steps
(5K - 3.1 Charity Miles for Girls on the Run)
Jun 28:  13,789 steps (5K - 3.1 Charity Miles for Girls on the Run)

Jun 29:  14
,876 steps 
Jun 30:  12
,108 steps (5K - 3.1 Charity Miles for Girls on the Run)

Total Steps: 82,821 steps

Audiobooks listened to last week (since I'm not much of a music fan, I listen to books while I walk):

  • Started & finished Kiss Carlo by Adriana Trigiani, narrated by Edoardo Ballerini
  • Started  Come Sundown by Nora Roberts, narrated by Elisabeth Rodgers

How did your week go? You can find this week's link-up here.

Virtual 5K /10K Tally:
     January:                               May:                             September:   
           5K  -  4                                  5K  -  5                                5K  - 
         10K  -  7                                10K  -  6                               10K  - 
     February:                             June:                            October:

           5K  -  4                                  5K  -  10                               5K  - 
         10K  -  9                                10K  -  2                              10K  -   
     March:                                  July:                             November:
           5K  -  3                                  5K  -                                    5K  - 
         10K  -  7                                10K  -                                  10K  - 
     April:                                    August:                        December:
           5K  -  9                                  5K  -                                    5K  - 
         10K  -  1                                 10K  -                                  10K  -


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  1. Looks like another solid week. Nice job with the 5k walks!


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