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Review: Even If It Kills Her by Kate White

Title: Even If It Kills Her
Author: Kate White
Series: Bailey Weggins, #7
Published: October 2017, Harper Paperbacks
Format: ARC Paperback, 448 pages
Source: Publisher
Kate White returns to her New York Times bestselling Bailey Weggins’ Mystery series, with this favorite true-crime journalist turned sleuth’s most chilling case to date.

Bailey Weggins’ great new friend in college, Jillian Lowe, had everything going for her. Pretty, popular, and whip-smart, she lit up any room that she walked into. All of that dramatically changed during her sophomore year, when a neighbor became unhinged and murdered her family. Jillian immediately left school, and ever since, Bailey has felt guilty for not staying in closer contact and being a greater support to her friend.

Now, sixteen years later, Bailey is shocked to see Jillian at her book event, and even more stunned when her still-gorgeous friend approaches her with a case. The man accused of murdering her family is on the brink of being cleared of the crime through new DNA evidence. With the real killer walking free, Jillian is desperate for Bailey’s help to identify him and allow her the closure she yearns for.

As the two women return to Jillian’s childhood town to investigate, it doesn’t take long for their sleuthing to cause shock waves. Someone starts watching their every move. As they uncover deeply-guarded secrets, so shocking that they make Jillian rethink her entire relationship to her family, Bailey and Jillian find themselves in great peril. They must decide just how much they’re willing to risk to finally discover the truth about the Lowe family’s murder.

My thoughts: I am a huge Bailey Weggins fan so I was quite ecstatic when I heard that not only did Kate White have a new one coming out this year, but that she was going to be at BookExpo this past Spring signing copies...this book was high on my list of priorities for the event and I am happy to report that not only did I get a signed copy, but I loved this latest edition as well. It's been quite a while since the last Bailey Weggins book, so I was quite eager to dig into this one!

I am so glad to be sleuthing along with Bailey again...oh how I've missed her!!! I love how fearless she can be and she certainly proves that here time and time again, despite the issues it seems to be causing in her relationship with her boyfriend. This case found her in danger a few times and yet, she was determined to see it to the end! 

I loved that despite the length of this book, I really don't think there was anything that was superfluous. At first, I thought WOW - this is quite a chunkster, but it moves fast and there are enough twists and turns to keep you engaged and guessing as to who is really behind the murders of Jillian's family. While I had my suspicions - more because I just had a bad vibe about the character than anything else - I loved every minute of this book and didn't guess the way it would all come together in the end at all! 

I sure do hope it's not a long wait before the next Bailey Weggins book...I don't think I can wait another five years before catching up with Bailey like we did this time around!

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