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Review: Hide and Seek by M.J. Arlidge

Title: Hide and Seek
Author: M.J. Arlidge
Series: Helen Grace, #6
Published: October 2016, Penguin Books
Format: Paperback, 372 pages
Source: Personal copy 
Prison is no place for a detective

Helen Grace was one of the country's best police investigators. Now she's behind bars with the killers she caught.

Framed for murder

She knows there is only way out: stay alive until her trial and somehow prove her innocence.

Locked up with a killer

But when a mutilated body is found in the cell next door, Helen fears her days are numbered. A murderer is on the loose. And she must find them.

Before she becomes the next victim...

My thoughts: Last December, I was in London and found this gem in one of the bookstores I was perusing...and I was ecstatic!!! I knew it wouldn't be out in the states for quite some time, so of course I bought it...but as most bookworms know, finding the time to read it proved to be difficult. Turns out, I didn't get to read it right away and now here we are, me posting my review when the book is already out here in the states! Oh well, best laid plans and all that!

One thing I want to say before going any further with my review...I highly, highly, highly recommend reading the prior book in this series, Little Boy Blue, before reading this book in order to get the full impact of this story. I actually recommend reading the whole series in order, but if nothing else, read Little Boy Blue first as this one picks up right where that one left off and gives the reason why Helen is where she is and sets up other parts of the story. 

Anyway...I love this series...Helen Grace is one of my favorite characters - she's tough and ruthless and holds nothing back to solve the cases she's given. But in this book, we see her in completely different circumstances - we see a more vulnerable side to her. In this installment, Helen finds herself behind bars, on the wrong side of the law...yet that doesn't stop her from investigating the murders that are taking place inside of the prison. See - that's what I love about her - her determination to always put her job above all else!

I found this book to be such a fast, twisty, crazy read. I also loved the claustrophobic feeling you get as you read - not necessarily an easy feat to pull off, but I felt Arlidge was successful in this. The use of short chapters help to amp up not only the tension and suspense but the pace as well. This is quite the gripping read and I cannot wait to see what comes next!

Books in this series:
     1.  Eeny Meeny
     2.  Pop Goes the Weasel
     3.  The Doll's House
     4.  Liar Liar
     5.  Little Boy Blue  

     5.5  No Way Back
     6.  Hide and Seek

     6.5  Running Blind 
     7.  Love Me Not



  1. Kristin,
    It sounds as if you are really enjoying this series. Excellent review!

  2. I have the first book in the series and have been really looking forward to reading it so I'm thrilled to hear you're still loving the series 6 books later! I will definitely read the series in order and I'm really looking forward to getting to this one!


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