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Review: Her Last Day by T.R. Ragan (audio)

Title: Her Last Day
Author: T.R. Ragan
Series: Jessie Cole, #1
Narrator: Kate Rudd
Published: October 2017, Brilliance Audio / Thomas & Mercer
Length: 8 hours 50 minutes / 316 pages
Source: Audio - Personal copy via Audible / Print - ARC Paperback via Publisher

In this page-turner of a thriller by bestselling author T.R. Ragan, unlikely partners PI Jessie Cole and crime reporter Ben Morrison search for clues to a mystery buried in their own pasts—only to discover that sometimes the truth is better off buried.

Ten years ago, PI Jessie Cole and reporter Ben Morrison each suffered a tragedy that changed their lives—and now these two strangers are about to share a nightmare.

For Jessie, who makes her living finding missing persons, no case has consumed her more than the disappearance of her younger sister, Sophie. But left alone to raise Sophie’s daughter, she realizes that solving the case has become an unhealthy obsession.

For Ben, a horrific car accident resulted in scars both physical and emotional—and amnesia that has made his life a mystery. But curiously, out of his shattered memories, there’s one person he recognizes without a doubt: Jessie’s sister. He just doesn’t know why. Yet.

But Sophie isn’t the only phantom drawing Jessie and Ben together. An elusive serial murderer known as the Heartless Killer has reemerged from the shadows. His next move will cut even deeper into Jessie’s worst fears. And for Ben, what happens this time is going to be unforgettable.

My thoughts: T.R. Ragan is a new author for me and luckily this is the start of a new series, so it looks like the perfect time to jump in and give her books a try! I always get excited when I find not only new authors but also new series - if you know anything about my reading habits, you know I love my series and I especially love a good mystery thriller series and that's exactly what we have here!

I think this series is off to a great start and I really like Jessie Cole - the main protagonist of the series. A private investigator that has her own demons - mainly that she has never been able to find her own missing sister - you totally have me hooked! I loved the character development that we get in this first book - something that I feel is so important and really the backbone of any good series. Afterall, that is why I am such a stickler for reading series in order whenever I can...for the all the character development that occurs in the subsequent books. And in this first book, I feel we get a pretty good picture of who Jessie is - just enough to want to keep going with the series.

This is such a fast-paced book with lots of twists and turns. Having the book told from multiple points of view also helped keep it interesting, especially since one of the points of view was the serial killer - boy oh boy were those sections quite creepy! It's a bit graphic at times - especially the torture scenes, but luckily those scenes are relatively short and then you move on. Overall, I really liked this book and am looking forward to the next one in the series...I think this is going to be a good, chilling, page-turner of a series!

Audio thoughts: I love listening to Kate Rudd narrate books so when I saw she was narrating this one, I knew it would be a good one to listen to and I was correct - she did a great job with this one! She gives each character their own distinct voice and uses just the right amount of emotion and tension when needed. As this is the start of a new series, I really hope that Kate Rudd continues to narrate it - that's always my hope for a series that I decide to listen to!

Books in this series:
  1. Her Last Day
  2. Deadly Recall - due out March 2018 

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