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Book Spotlight & Guest Post: Beach Haven by Tammy L. Grace

Title: Beach Haven
Author: Tammy L. Grace
Series: Glass Beach Cottage Series, #1
Published: October 2018, Lone Mountain Press
Format: Paperback, 259 pages

A heartbreaking loss. An unexpected inheritance. A chance for a new beginning.  

Lily’s no stranger to loss, but her life takes its most tragic turn the day her husband is killed. Unable to escape the memories surrounding her, she jumps at the chance to return to happy summer memories in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she spent summers as a teenager. She inherits Glass Beach Cottage from her late uncle and leaves behind the life she’s known, including her beloved son, for a new adventure.

The rhythm of the ocean soothes her. Her heart begins to mend during morning strolls along the beach with her dog.  She encounters a kindness in the residents of the tiny coastal town. A young man who lost his hearing as a teen, a local shopkeeper who offers her a helping hand, and a widower and veterinarian, who persuades Lily to foster a new puppy, form her circle of friends.

As guests come and go, she gains insight into the joys and sorrows of those who spend a few days at Glass Beach Cottage. Along with the healing power of the sea, Lily witnesses the strength of the human spirit and learns that the best remedy for her grief lies in the restorative power of helping others.

Award-winning author, Tammy L. Grace, brings readers her new GLASS BEACH COTTAGE SERIES. The first book, BEACH HAVEN, is a heartwarming story of a woman’s resilience buoyed by the bonds of friendship, an unexpected gift, and the joy she finds in helping others.  

For the Love of Dogs

If you haven’t read my work, I write in the women’s fiction and mystery genres.  I’m a huge dog lover and include them in all my books.  My latest release is Beach Haven.  It’s the first in my new Glass Beach Cottage Series set on the coast of Washington.

I’m partial to golden retrievers and my own dog, Zoe, was featured in my very first book in my Hometown Harbor Series, Finding Home.  She was the inspiration for all the dogs in my books, but that first book holds a special place in my heart, as I lost my sweet girl last year.  She was my furry soulmate and I struggled to write after losing her.

As I tried to overcome my sadness, I began to think about a new series.  I knew I’d include dogs in it and decided to focus on the training of hearing dogs.  I enjoyed researching the various programs available in the US and other countries that do so much to provide service animals for those in need of dogs to assist them.  It was fascinating to learn about the training the dogs go through and that they are taught to alert their humans to any repetitive sound.  For example, they alert when they hear a doorbell, telephone, fire alarm, microwave timers, sirens, even certain words, like the name of their owner.

These wonderful dogs make a profound difference in the lives of those they serve.  Not only making life easier and safer at home but providing a level of confidence for those who may not feel comfortable in public.  These special people are no longer alone and no longer have to rely on others for help, they have their faithful furry companion by their side. 

Beach Haven is a story of Lily and her resolve to overcome a personal tragedy when her husband is killed.  She moves across the country (from Virginia to Washington) with her golden retriever, Fritz.  After she arrives, she visits the local veterinarian and he asks her to foster a hearing puppy, Bodie.  He’s a fun-loving golden retriever, who adds some much-needed happiness to Lily’s life.

She discovers the warmth of a small community and new friends in the beautiful coastal town of Driftwood Bay.  One of her new acquaintances is the local librarian, who encourages Lily to mentor a young woman who has lost everything and is desperate for a sense of normalcy.  Along with her walks on the beach each morning, Lily discovers the best remedy for her grief lies in the restorative power of helping others.

I didn’t have a dog when I wrote Beach Haven, but just this month, we brought home a new golden retriever puppy.  I’ve forgotten how much work they are and how busy they can be.  I’ve missed having a writing buddy and am hopeful my new girl, Izzy, will grow up to be the perfect office-mate.  I know she’ll help me as I continue the series and write more about Bodie’s progress and training.  Right now, she fills my days and leaves me little time for anything else, but I’m sure that will change as she matures.

Beach Haven is a story of overcoming loss, second chances, and new beginnings.  Early reviewers are loving it and describe it as “emotional, heartwarming, entertaining, and witty.”  I hope you enjoy it and hope you’ll consider subscribing to my monthly newsletter and following me on your favorite social media platform.  I’m most accessible on Facebook.

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About the Author: Tammy L. Grace is an award-winning author who entertains readers with perfect escapes in women’s fiction and clever whodunit mysteries.  Her works in women’s fiction include the best-selling Hometown Harbor Series set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and her latest release, Beach Haven, the first in her new Glass Beach Cottage Series, set in coastal Washington.  She also writes the Cooper Harrington Detective Series, featuring a quirky private detective and his faithful golden retriever.  A Season of Hope is her new Christmas release that is sure to please readers who enjoy Hallmark Christmas Movies.  She is a fan of dogs and includes furry companions in all of her books.

Born and raised in Nevada, Tammy L. Grace loved reading at a young age. With the help of her middle school teacher, she discovered the joy of writing. When Tammy isn't working on ideas for a novel, she's spending time with family and friends or supporting her addiction to books and chocolate. She and her husband have one grown son and are looking forward to bringing home their new golden retriever puppy next month.

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Beach Haven by Tammy L. Grace  
Lone Mountain Press  
October 26, 2018 
Paperbook ISBN: 978-1945591099  
eBook ISBN: B07H3D5TL7
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