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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: The View from Alameda Island by Robyn Carr

Today, Robyn Carr's latest novel, The View from Alameda Island, is being published and to celebrate, I am helping the publisher get the word out. I will be reading this book and sharing my review soon.  I also have 1 copy of the book to giveaway - be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the post for details!

Title: The View from Alameda Island
Author: Robyn Carr
Published: April 2019, Mira Books
Format: Paperback, 336 pages

#1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr delivers a poignant and powerful story about how one woman’s best intentions lead to the worst of situations and how the power of love helps her to heal and ultimately triumph.

From the outside looking in, Lauren Delaney has a life to envy—a successful career, a solid marriage to a prominent surgeon and two beautiful daughters who are off to good colleges. But on her twenty-fourth wedding anniversary Lauren makes a decision that will change everything.

Lauren won’t pretend things are perfect anymore. She defies the controlling husband who has privately mistreated her throughout their marriage and files for divorce. And as she starts her new life, she meets a kindred spirit—a man who is also struggling with the decision to end his unhappy marriage.

But Lauren’s husband wants his “perfect” life back and his actions are shocking. Facing an uncertain future, Lauren discovers an inner strength she didn’t know she had as she fights for the love and happiness she deserves.


Giveaway Details -- (US Only) 
Thanks to the publicist, one reader will win a copy of  The View of Alameda Island  by Robyn Carr. To enter the giveaway, please fill out the rafflecopter by May 6th

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This giveaway is open to US residents only and ends May 6th.

Good Luck!!!   

Monday, April 29, 2019

Review: The Darkness by Ragnar Jonasson

Title: The Darkness
Author: Ragnar Jonasson
Series: Hidden Iceland, #1
Published: October 2018, Minotaur Books
Format: Hardcover, 310 pages
Source: Library

Spanning the icy streets of Reykjavik, the Icelandic highlands and cold, isolated fjords, The Darkness is an atmospheric thriller from Ragnar Jonasson, one of the most exciting names in Nordic Noir.

The body of a young Russian woman washes up on an Icelandic shore. After a cursory investigation, the death is declared a suicide and the case is quietly closed.

Over a year later Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdóttir of the Reykjavík police is forced into early retirement at 64. She dreads the loneliness, and the memories of her dark past that threaten to come back to haunt her. But before she leaves she is given two weeks to solve a single cold case of her choice. She knows which one: the Russian woman whose hope for asylum ended on the dark, cold shore of an unfamiliar country. Soon Hulda discovers that another young woman vanished at the same time, and that no one is telling her the whole story. Even her colleagues in the police seem determined to put the brakes on her investigation. Meanwhile the clock is ticking.

Hulda will find the killer, even if it means putting her own life in danger.

My thoughts: This is the first book in Ragnar Jonasson's newest series, Hidden Iceland. For some reason, I didn't read it when it first came out, and I was able to get my hands on the second book, The Island, which comes out in the middle of May, so me being my typical self who prefers to read series in order, I decided to start with book 1 and I am so glad I did!

This series features Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdottir who is a widow and is quickly approaching her retirement. She is 64 and finds out her boss would rather have her retire sooner as he has a younger person all set to do her job. This new person just happens to be male...this aptly sums up her career in a nutshell - she was never quite let into the "boys club," never quite being accepted by her male colleagues, despite having a very successful career. Problem is, Hulda isn't quite ready to retire just yet. She negotiates to be able to work on one last cold case, the death of a young Russian woman.

There are three threads in this book that keep it moving along. There is Hulda's investigation, the upbringing of an illegitimate child, and a young woman's trip to the Icelandic wilderness. The main story is of course, Hulda's investigation, but the other two are equally compelling and are told by unknown voices. This only adds to the mystery as to why they are included in the story. As I started the book, I was wondering where it was all going, but then as I got further into the book, I kept trying to figure out how these threads would all piece together. I had many guesses, but none were correct!

While this is a mystery, I was more fascinated with Hulda's character. She has secrets and I loved that they were not readily available for us to find out. I think Ragnar Jonasson does a great job in teasing this information out of her at just the right times, slowly revealing bits about Hulda when it seems pertinent. She certainly is quite the complex character!

This book is a pretty quick read, one that pulls you in and keeps you engaged in all that is going on. It is also incredibly atmospheric. I could feel the Icelandic chill of the winter, the darkness looming. Having been to Iceland myself, I could appreciate the descriptions of the lone terrain.

I cannot wait to read the rest of this trilogy, particularly as it is being told in reverse order. The next book, The Island, is set twenty-five years earlier. I think it will be quite interesting to see Hulda earlier in her career. 

Books in this series:
  1. The Darkness
  2. The Island - due out May 2019
  3. The Mist - due out 2020

Review: Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch by Ruth Cowen (audio)

Title: Elizabeth II: Life of a Monarch
Author: Ruth Cowen
Narrator: Jennie Bond, Tim Piggott-Smith, Lindsay Duncan
Published: April 2019, Audible Studios
Length: 3 hours 47 minutes
Source: Personal Copy

Veteran royal broadcaster Jennie Bond explores the life of Britain's longest reigning monarch.

Wife, mother and head of state, who is the real Elizabeth? What do the headlines hide? How close to reality are the television interpretations? Once a minor royal, she is now one of the most recognisable women in the world. Admired by many, she has reigned through a period of unprecedented change, steering the monarchy through the end of an empire, public scandals and private losses.

This in-depth history uses archives, recreations and eyewitness testimony to bring to life the story of this most remarkable woman.

My thoughts: I completely admit to being a 100% addicted to all things royals. I love watching the TV shows The Crown and Victoria and so when I saw that this audio was one of the free Audible Originals being made available to Audible members this month, I jumped at the opportunity to listen to it. 

I found this mini-biography to be so easy to listen to and so insightful. It comes across almost like a podcast, covering key periods, in chronological order, giving mainly the highlights, with a few of the low lights, too.  I never once felt that it got bogged down on one point during the book. And I liked that there were parts that were reinforced from what I already had learned from the shows I've watched. While by itself this doesn't give a complete historical picture, it does give a good overview of Elizabeth's life from a young age to the present. 

This is the type of book that just inspires me to want to read more about the monarchy, Elizabeth herself and even UK history. Don't you love books that make you want to read more?

Audio thoughts: I loved the way this audio production was crafted. Jennie Bond narrated this in such an effective tone, not too emotional, not too straight-laced. It kept you engaged and invested, even though this was a biography. And I loved the bits of recordings that were included here and there - the abdication speech, Elizabeth's coronation, Diana's wedding and then the crash announcement - these all added a little extra to the audio production to make it a little more authentic. And you can tell they are original as you can hear the scratchy noise in them - but they make the overall story more richer for their inclusion. 


Sunday, April 28, 2019

Book Spotlight: The Southern Side of Paradise by Kristy Woodsen Harvey -- With link to #Giveaway!!!

In just a little over a week, Kristy Woodsen Harvey's latest book, The Southern Side of Paradise, will be released. This is the final book in her Peachtree Bluff series. To help get the word out about this book, I am hosting a giveaway for this book - but take note...the Giveaway is happening on my Instagram page!!!

I've already read this book and will be posting my review later this week. I will say that while I'm sad to see this series end, I did absolutely love this latest installment!!!

Read on to see what others have to say and then you can find out where to enter the giveaway below!!!    

Title: The Southern Side of Paradise
Author: Kristy Woodson Harvey
Series: Peachtree Bluff, #3
Published: May 2019, Gallery Books
Format: Hardcover, 400 pages

From internationally bestselling author and “rising star of Southern fiction” (Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times bestselling author) Kristy Woodson Harvey comes the third novel in her Peachtree Bluff series, in which a secret threatens the tight-knit bond between a trio of sisters and their mother.

With the man of her dreams back in her life and all three of her daughters happy, Ansley Murphy should be content. But she can’t help but feel like it’s all a little too good to be true.

Meanwhile, youngest daughter and actress Emerson, who is recently engaged and has just landed the role of a lifetime, seemingly has the world by the tail. Only, something she can’t quite put her finger on is worrying her—and it has nothing to do with her recent health scare.

When two new women arrive in Peachtree Bluff—one who has the potential to wreck Ansley’s happiness and one who could tear Emerson’s world apart—everything is put in perspective. And after secrets that were never meant to be told come to light, the powerful bond between the Murphy sisters and their mother comes crumbling down, testing their devotion to each other and forcing them to evaluate the meaning of family.

With Kristy Woodson Harvey’s signature charm, wit, and heart, The Southern Side of Paradise is another masterful Peachtree Bluff novel that proves she is a “Southern writer with staying power” (Booklist).

Early Praise:

"Kristy Woodson Harvey has done it again! Perfectly tying together the stories of Ansley, Caroline, Sloane, and Emerson (and their men!), The Southern Side of Paradise is full of humor, charm, and family. Fans of the Peachtree Bluff series will not be disappointed!"--Lauren K. Denton, USA Today Bestselling Author of Hurricane Season

"I devoured The Southern Side of Paradise. Kristy Woodson Harvey spins a deliciously authentic Southern tale of family and the often messy, complex relationships between sisters, mothers, and daughters. This book is the perfect beach read."--Susan Boyer, USA Today Bestselling Author of Lowcountry Boil

"An author whose carefully crafted paragraphs stir my imagination and touch my heart.”--Leslie C. Moore, Editor, Sasee Magazine

"Harvey excels at drawing strong, genuine relationships...Her Peachtree Bluff setting creates the kind of beach town full of colorful characters and big porches that make for the best kind of summer escape.”--Booklist

“As the eldest of three sisters, I know you’re not supposed to pick favorites—but The Southern Side of Paradise is Kristy Woodson Harvey’s very best. The heartwarming finale to the Peachtree Buff series, this novel had me laughing, crying, and wanting to hop on a plane and head south. I loved every page.”--Camille Pagán, bestselling author of I’m Fine and Neither Are You

"With every installment of the Peachtree Bluff Series, I fall in love all over again with the charming Murphy women and the charismatic men in their lives. The love these three sisters and their devoted mother have for one another binds this family together through thick and thin. And there is plenty of thick in this action-pack drama to hold you spellbound until the last word. One can only hope we’ll see more from this unique cast of characters and their magical Southern coastal town in the future."--Ashley Farley, author of the bestselling Sweet Tea Tuesdays


Giveaway Details -- (US Only) 
Thanks to the publisher, one reader will win a copy of  The Southern Side of Paradise  by Kristy Woodsen Harvey. To enter the giveaway, please head over to my Instagram page to this post. The giveaway ends Saturday, May 4th and is not affiliated with or sponsored by Instagram.


Review: The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See

Title: The Island of Sea Women
Author: Lisa See
Published: March 2019, Scribner
Format: Hardcover, 374 pages
Source: Personal copy

A new novel from Lisa See, the New York Times bestselling author of The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, about female friendship and family secrets on a small Korean island.

Mi-ja and Young-sook, two girls living on the Korean island of Jeju, are best friends that come from very different backgrounds. When they are old enough, they begin working in the sea with their village’s all-female diving collective, led by Young-sook’s mother. As the girls take up their positions as baby divers, they know they are beginning a life of excitement and responsibility but also danger.

Despite their love for each other, Mi-ja and Young-sook’s differences are impossible to ignore. The Island of Sea Women is an epoch set over many decades, beginning during a period of Japanese colonialism in the 1930s and 1940s, followed by World War II, the Korean War and its aftermath, through the era of cell phones and wet suits for the women divers. Throughout this time, the residents of Jeju find themselves caught between warring empires. Mi-ja is the daughter of a Japanese collaborator, and she will forever be marked by this association. Young-sook was born into a long line of haenyeo and will inherit her mother’s position leading the divers in their village. Little do the two friends know that after surviving hundreds of dives and developing the closest of bonds, forces outside their control will push their friendship to the breaking point.

This beautiful, thoughtful novel illuminates a world turned upside down, one where the women are in charge, engaging in dangerous physical work, and the men take care of the children. A classic Lisa See story—one of women’s friendships and the larger forces that shape them—The Island of Sea Women introduces readers to the fierce and unforgettable female divers of Jeju Island and the dramatic history that shaped their lives.

My thoughts: I have long been a fan of Lisa See's books, ever since reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. I have had the opportunity to meet Lisa on two of her books tours - when she was touring for Dreams of Joy and The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. When I found out her latest book, The Island of Sea Women was the April book club pick for the Barnes & Noble book club, it was just the push I needed to join and to read this book right away!

I love that Lisa's books are so full of rich historical and cultural detail. I fully admit that I did not know anything about Jeju Island prior to reading this book. I found the idea that this island was a matriarchal society to be fascinating. Women do the work of diving and providing for the families, while the men take care of the children. 

I loved the details we get about the diving. My husband is a diver, and while I've never tried it, I found the little nuances Lisa gave us to be quite enlightening. I now have a much better understanding of what he does and how important it is to do all the necessary steps each time you go out there. And to think these women were doing all this diving at one time without all the gear divers use now. 

At the heart of the story is the friendship of Young-sook and Mi-ja, who first meet when they are seven-years old. Though they are from different backgrounds, they have the same goal - to become divers, and form a bond and friendship as if they were sisters. They promise to always be there for each other and to remain together always. But external forces will eventually test their friendship. Will it survive?

The book spans many decades, taking us from Japanese Colonialism through WWII to the present. There were many instances where the history was quite brutal to read, but knowing the history is what makes this read so powerful, and Lisa does it with such dignity and respect for the people. She shows how the characters' lives were shaped by these events.

This book is a very powerful, unforgettable read. It is rich in historical and cultural detail and contains strong, fierce characters that I absolutely loved. I cannot recommend this book enough! 


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Review: Wolfhunter River by Rachel Caine (audio)

Title: Wolfhunter River
Author: Rachel Caine
Series: Stillhouse Lake, #3
Narrator: Lauren Ezzo, Will Ropp, Emily Sutton-Smith, Dan John Miller
Published: April 2019, Brilliance Audio
Length: 11 hours 10 minutes
Source: Publisher

She can’t ignore a cry for help. But in this remote hunting town, it’s open season.

Gwen Proctor escaped her serial-killer husband and saved her family. What she can’t seem to outrun is his notoriety. Or the sick internet vigilantes still seeking to avenge his crimes. For Gwen, hiding isn’t an option. Not when her only mission is to create a normal life for her kids.

But now, a threatened woman has reached out. Marlene Crockett, from the remote town of Wolfhunter, is panicked for herself and her daughter. When Gwen arrives in the small, isolated rural community, Marlene is already dead - her own daughter blamed for the murder. Except that’s not the person Marlene feared at all. And Gwen isn’t leaving until she finds out who that was.

But it may already be too late. A trap has been set. And it’s poised to snap shut on everyone Gwen loves. Her stalkers are closing in. And in a town as dark as Wolfhunter, it’s so easy for them to hide…

My thoughts: This is the third book in Rachel Caine's Stillhouse Lake series, and while this particular installment was not necessarily my favorite in the series, I definitely do still love this series as a whole.

First, I think it goes without saying that you really should read this series in order. Yes, you could start with this book. And yes, this could be read as a stand-alone as Rachel Caine does a good job giving a recap of what has happened prior. But, not only are the two prior books excellent, but you miss out on so much of the character development and ALL THE SPOILERS that it just wouldn't be the same reading experience as it would if you read this series starting with book one. (See below for the correct order.)

This latest installment starts off slow and takes a while to build up. But once it does, it really takes off. I knew based on the events of the previous book, that this book would take a different direction and it definitely does. While the notoriety of being a serial killer's ex-wife will always follow Gwen Proctor, all she wants is to give her kids some type of normal life. Between the group of vigilantes wanting justice and the events that bring Gwen and her family to Wolfhunter River, this book is just as suspenseful and creepy as the prior ones once it gets moving.

This book does a great job of continuing to flesh out the main characters, revealing parts of their pasts that are integral to the overall story, as well as the horrors that Melvin inflicted on them and continues to do so. Pairing that with Gwen using her experiences to help others is what leads Gwen to Wolfhunter River in the first place. I'm not sure if that is what Gwen's new role is going to be moving forward, but it certainly is a new angle, for sure.

Gwen Proctor is a force to be reckoned with...she is definitely one of my favorite characters and I love how fiercely protective she is of those she loves. She is one determined gal, willing to go the distance for those that need her, as she proves in this book. She is flawed and vulnerable. This book finally moves beyond the Melvin/Gwen storyline and we start to see a focus on where her relationship is heading with Sam. All cards are finally laid out on the table and I cannot wait to see what happens next for this couple.

I love this series, and cannot wait to find out what happens in the next book. These books are dark, gripping, suspenseful, addicting read and I highly recommend them!!!

Audio thoughts: I thought the narrators did a great job with this book and I loved that they were the same ones from the previous book. Each was consistent with the voices they gave their character and the pacing was just right. The narrators added just the right amount of tension to their voices as necessary and made this audio book an enjoyable listening experience.

Books in this series: 

  1. Stillhouse Lake
  2. Killman Creek
  3. Wolfhunter River
  4. Bitter Falls - due out March 2020 


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Review: I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney

Title: I Know Who You Are
Author: Alice Feeney
Published: April 2019, Flatiron Books
Format: ARC Paperback, 304 pages
Source: Publisher

From the New York Times and international bestselling author of Sometimes I Lie comes a brand new, highly anticipated, dark and twisted thriller: I Know Who You Are.
Meet Aimee Sinclair: the actress everyone thinks they know but can’t remember where from.

Except one person.

Someone knows Aimee very well.

They know who she is and they know what she did.

When Aimee comes home and discovers her husband is missing, she doesn’t seem to know what to do or how to act. The police think she’s hiding something and they’re right, she is—but perhaps not what they thought. Aimee has a secret she’s never shared, and yet, she suspects that someone knows. As she struggles to keep her career and sanity intact, her past comes back to haunt her in ways more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

In I Know Who You Are, Alice Feeney proves that she is a master of brilliantly complicated plots and killer twists that will keep you guessing until the final page.

My thoughts: Last year I read Alice Feeney's debut novel, Sometimes I Lie, and it totally solidified my love in twisty, crazy psychological thrillers all over again. Well...let me just tell you - Alice has done it again with her sophomore novel. I don't know how she does it, but this book is every bit as good and twisted as the last one and I loved every second of it!

This is another one of those reviews where it's hard to write much because I don't want to give anything away. I will say the less you know going into it, the better - you want to enjoy this book to its fullest extent and absolutely do not want to know any more than the general synopsis. As in her previous book, Alice will have you questioning everything as you come to the end - what a shocking twist that was but so brilliantly crafted that I definitely see myself rereading this to see if there are any clues along that way that I might have missed!

I'm telling you if you like somewhat dark, extremely twisted, suspenseful and very tense psychological thrillers, you need to read this one. It's a quick read and will have you hooked and flipping those pages frantically to see where it all goes. It is one wild and crazy ride that you do not want to miss! I am definitely in the Alice Feeney fan club and cannot wait to see what she comes up with next - boy does she have some crazy ideas in the mind of hers!!! 


Monday, April 22, 2019

Review: The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth

Title: The Mother-in-Law
Author: Sally Hepworth
Published: April 2019, St. Martin's Press
Format: ARC Paperback, 352 pages
Source: Publisher

Someone once told me that you have two families in your life - the one you are born into and the one you choose. Yes, you may get to choose your partner, but you don't choose your mother-in-law. The cackling mercenaries of fate determine it all.

From the moment Lucy met Diana, she was kept at arm's length. Diana is exquisitely polite, but Lucy knows, even after marrying Oliver, that they'll never have the closeness she'd been hoping for.

But who could fault Diana? She was a pillar of the community, an advocate for social justice, the matriarch of a loving family. Lucy had wanted so much to please her new mother-in-law.

That was ten years ago. Now, Diana has been found dead, leaving a suicide note. But the autopsy reveals evidence of suffocation. And everyone in the family is hiding something...

From the bestselling author of The Family Next Door comes a new page-turner about that trickiest of relationships.

My thoughts: I have been absolutely loving Sally Hepworth's latest books and this one just might be my favorite one yet. I went in expecting one story and got a completely different one - in all the best ways! 

This story is one that is all about family dynamics and is filled with so many twists and turns that it will keep you on your toes. I loved that this story was one that is not your typical mother-in-law story...this isn't one where you think you have it all figured out. I had so many feelings about Diana and I loved that because I went into this book thinking I would feel one way about her, and while I did feel that way in the beginning, those feelings changed many times. 

This story is a multi-layered jigsaw puzzle and ever so slowly the layers are peeled back so that we are able to piece together what is going on and what has happened. But it is done with such a slight turn of hand that you don't quite see it happening until those last few chapters...that final AHA moment when you are just about left speechless. The story alternates between Lucy and Diana's point of view, and between the past and the present, and this all adds to the on-going suspense and tension in the book. You want to race through the chapters to see what really happened, but at the same time, you want to enjoy the ride because it really is such a good one.

The characters are well-developed which makes them so captivating and makes you that much more invested in this book. And the relationships and dynamics between the characters are just fascinating. There are issues and that just makes it so compelling. Not one of these characters is without flaws and so you cannot help but suspect them all!

I loved this book...and I will be recommending this book to EVERYONE. It is a wickedly fun read and I wish I could read it again for the first time. You have to add this to your reading list right now...you won't be sorry!


Short & Sweet Review: Bullseye by James Patterson

Title: Bullseye
Author: James Patterson
Series: Michael Bennett, #9
Published: August 2016, Little, Brown & Company
Format: Hardcover, 339 pages
Source: Personal copy

Caught in the crossfire of a deadly standoff, Detective Michael Bennett must kill...or be killed.

Tensions between America and Russia are the highest they've been since the Cold War. As the countries' Presidents travel to the United Nations to iron out their differences, a fashionable husband and wife team of lethal assassins prowls the streets of Manhattan hunting their prey--a professor hiding a scandalous secret. Their next target: the extremely popular President of the United States of America.

Pulled away from his family and pressed into service, Detective Michael Bennett must trace the source of a threat that could rip the country apart--and what he finds may turn the Cold War red hot once again. With allegiances constantly in doubt and no one above suspicion, only Bennett can step into the line of fire to save the President before the deadly kill shot hits its mark.

***Short & Sweet Reviews are short, quick reviews. These will mainly be used for series books where I have already done full reviews on some of the earlier books or for books that I feel will suffice with a quick review. These will not be used for review requests or blog tours.

My thoughts: In my crazy attempt to catch up on all the unread James Patterson books I have sitting around my house, I've moved on to the Michael Bennett series - I series I adore as much for the action as for Michael Bennett and his huge family! And while this one does contain a subplot featuring Michael's son and a friend, I was left feeling a bit underwhelmed with this installment...but that does happen.

This latest installment primarily focuses on an attempted assassination of the President of the United States and Michael Bennett is called in to figure out who is behind it. The subplot involves the Bennett family opening up their home to a young teen who is temporarily displaced, however this brings Brian, who is friends with the young teen, into contact with a drug dealer. 

This is still one of my favorite series and I'm looking forward to picking up the next book. I do love the little romance between Michael Bennett and Mary Catherine and wish that was played up a bit more in this installment, but I get that he is crazy busy and it can't always be front and center. I don't, however, want it to be dragged out forever...either get them together or let it go!

Books in this series:
     1.  Step on a Crack
     2.  Run For Your Life
     3.  Worst Case
     4.  Tick Tock
     5.  I, Michael Bennett
     6.  Gone
     7.  Burn
     8.  Alert
     9.  Bullseye
     9.5  Chase
     10.  Haunted
     10.5  Manhunt
     11.  Ambush   

Friday, April 19, 2019

Review: Silenced by Kristina Ohlsson

Title: Silenced
Author: Kristina Ohlsson
Series:Fredrika Bergman & Alex Recht, #2
Published: December 2013, Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Format: Paperback, 352 pages
Source: Personal copy

Fifteen years ago: A teenage girl is viciously assaulted as she picks flowers in a field one night in midsummer. The crime is never reported. Present day: A man with no identification on his person is killed in a hit-and-run. He is never reported missing. Across the city, a priest and his wife are found dead in an apparent suicide.

Fredrika Bergman is assigned to the case. What she and her colleagues discover is that a sinister evil, the roots of which date back decades, is the link behind these seemingly unrelated crimes. There's a reason why none of them were ever reported, and it has to do with a shocking and horrendous cover-up unlike anything Fredrika could have possibly imagined.

Skillfully crafted and highly suspenseful, "Silenced" is a gripping thriller in which the consequences of past tragedies continue to haunt the present, reaching further and deeper than anyone ever expected.

My thoughts: This is the second book in Kristina Ohlsson's Fredrika Bergman and Alex Recht series and I am really enjoying it. It's a good mix of police procedural and psychological thriller, keeping you on your toes as the police work to solve the case.

What I'm really coming to enjoy in this series is that it seems as much attention is paid to the case the team is solving as the characters themselves, including the detectives. They are well-flushed out and we get really into their back stories and what is going on with them in their personal lives. I feel that this is an integral part of this series...it's not just about the cases this team works on, but also about the team and their stories. I really like this aspect - I feel that I am really coming to know these characters inside and out, rather than just having a superficial understanding of who they are.

The case itself was quite interesting. What at first appears to be a murder-suicide keeps the team busy as the clues are few and far between. There are plenty of twists and turns in this case, keeping you wondering just who is telling the truth. As the detectives get further and further into the case, they untangle quite the web of secrets, making it more and more complicated!

I really love crime fiction and Scandinavian crime fiction is definitely a favorite of mine. Kristina Ohlsson is slowly becoming a top author for me and I cannot wait to continue on with the series, especially as it ends with some major developments in the main characters' lives and I cannot wait to see where Kristina takes all this!

Books in this series:  
  1. Unwanted
  2. Silenced
  3. The Disappeared
  4. Hostage
  5. The Chosen   
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