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Review: Wolfhunter River by Rachel Caine (audio)

Title: Wolfhunter River
Author: Rachel Caine
Series: Stillhouse Lake, #3
Narrator: Lauren Ezzo, Will Ropp, Emily Sutton-Smith, Dan John Miller
Published: April 2019, Brilliance Audio
Length: 11 hours 10 minutes
Source: Publisher

She can’t ignore a cry for help. But in this remote hunting town, it’s open season.

Gwen Proctor escaped her serial-killer husband and saved her family. What she can’t seem to outrun is his notoriety. Or the sick internet vigilantes still seeking to avenge his crimes. For Gwen, hiding isn’t an option. Not when her only mission is to create a normal life for her kids.

But now, a threatened woman has reached out. Marlene Crockett, from the remote town of Wolfhunter, is panicked for herself and her daughter. When Gwen arrives in the small, isolated rural community, Marlene is already dead - her own daughter blamed for the murder. Except that’s not the person Marlene feared at all. And Gwen isn’t leaving until she finds out who that was.

But it may already be too late. A trap has been set. And it’s poised to snap shut on everyone Gwen loves. Her stalkers are closing in. And in a town as dark as Wolfhunter, it’s so easy for them to hide…

My thoughts: This is the third book in Rachel Caine's Stillhouse Lake series, and while this particular installment was not necessarily my favorite in the series, I definitely do still love this series as a whole.

First, I think it goes without saying that you really should read this series in order. Yes, you could start with this book. And yes, this could be read as a stand-alone as Rachel Caine does a good job giving a recap of what has happened prior. But, not only are the two prior books excellent, but you miss out on so much of the character development and ALL THE SPOILERS that it just wouldn't be the same reading experience as it would if you read this series starting with book one. (See below for the correct order.)

This latest installment starts off slow and takes a while to build up. But once it does, it really takes off. I knew based on the events of the previous book, that this book would take a different direction and it definitely does. While the notoriety of being a serial killer's ex-wife will always follow Gwen Proctor, all she wants is to give her kids some type of normal life. Between the group of vigilantes wanting justice and the events that bring Gwen and her family to Wolfhunter River, this book is just as suspenseful and creepy as the prior ones once it gets moving.

This book does a great job of continuing to flesh out the main characters, revealing parts of their pasts that are integral to the overall story, as well as the horrors that Melvin inflicted on them and continues to do so. Pairing that with Gwen using her experiences to help others is what leads Gwen to Wolfhunter River in the first place. I'm not sure if that is what Gwen's new role is going to be moving forward, but it certainly is a new angle, for sure.

Gwen Proctor is a force to be reckoned with...she is definitely one of my favorite characters and I love how fiercely protective she is of those she loves. She is one determined gal, willing to go the distance for those that need her, as she proves in this book. She is flawed and vulnerable. This book finally moves beyond the Melvin/Gwen storyline and we start to see a focus on where her relationship is heading with Sam. All cards are finally laid out on the table and I cannot wait to see what happens next for this couple.

I love this series, and cannot wait to find out what happens in the next book. These books are dark, gripping, suspenseful, addicting read and I highly recommend them!!!

Audio thoughts: I thought the narrators did a great job with this book and I loved that they were the same ones from the previous book. Each was consistent with the voices they gave their character and the pacing was just right. The narrators added just the right amount of tension to their voices as necessary and made this audio book an enjoyable listening experience.

Books in this series: 

  1. Stillhouse Lake
  2. Killman Creek
  3. Wolfhunter River
  4. Bitter Falls - due out March 2020 


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