Thursday, June 27, 2019

BookExpo: Day 3 (Thursday) The 1st Full Day

Today, the floor was open all day and I had quite a full day planned. I got to the Javits Center bright and early, grabbed the Publisher's Weekly Show Daily as I walked in the building and as I was standing on line to drop off my suitcase at the baggage drop, noticed my name on the front little interview from the day before made it into the article and I was the first one quoted!!! I was pretty excited to say the least :)

On of my favorite things to do is to get in line early enough each morning to have time to peruse the PW Show Daily. This allows you to see if there are any updates to the author signings or galley drops that are happening that day. Plus there really are some good articles about some of the featured authors and the book industry in general. Sonica from The Reading Beauty and Candice from Magnolia Reads joined me in line and we had a great time discussing the previous day as well as talking about that day's game plan.

I had a mix of galley drops and book signings and so the day was a blur of running from booth to autographing tables where I would have to wait in lines. But, in the middle of all that, I did get to see Adam Rippon for a few minutes during his panel where he spoke about his upcoming new book, BEAUTIFUL ON THE OUTSIDE. I've already added this one to my list to read!!!

And of course, I had to walk by the Hachette booth when my favorite author, James Patterson was there signing with his wife. I didn't stand in that line to get a book from him, just seeing him was enough this time!

I did get to meet Riley Sager - and get a signed copy of his upcoming new book, LOCK EVERY DOOR. I'm a huge Riley Sager fan and I was so excited to meet him. This was my most anticipated signing and it was worth the long line.

And of course, it isn't a BookExpo without getting the new Elin Hilderbrand book and a Corona - this is one of my most favorite book signings of the whole three days...and while it is usually the last signing on Friday, it was moved to Thursday this year. But it was perfect for me because it was such a long, busy day and that icy, cold beer hit the spot!

One of the best parts about this year, was that there happened to be a great big group of us bloggers/Bookstagrammers that all happened to have similar reading tastes and we all happened to end up in the same lines at the same times. This made being in those lines so much fun...there was laughing and chatting and picture taking and book swapping and that long line went by in a snap and friendships that started out via the web have now been cemented in real life.

On top of all the books I got, I still managed to meet up with a few publishers/publicists that I work with and that is one of that things I cherish most about coming to BookExpo.  Getting to meet in person the publisher/publicists that I email back and forth with and that send me books to read and review on my blog is just so amazing. I love being able to thank them in person and just chat with them about books and ways we can work together to promote the books and authors we all have a passion for. This is why I love attending this event!!!

Boy, this was a busy day...and there was still another full day to go! 

. . Stayed tuned for a recap of  Day 4! 

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