Saturday, June 01, 2019

Month in Review: May 2019

These months are just flying by!!! I had a good reading month, but it definitely was a bit slower because I just got back from BookExpo this week and I didn't get any reading done at all while I was in NYC for the week...but I am 100% OK with that. I had a fantastic time meeting up with some old friends, meeting new friends, seeing the publishers and publicists I work with, meeting some authors and picking up all the books!!! I can't wait to put together my recap posts to share this amazing experience with you all - be on the lookout for those posts...they should be up soon!!!

Reading Stats: 
  • Read this month: 13
  • Year to date: 82

Books Read:
  1. The Way of All Flesh -- Ambrose Parry
  2. Death on the River -- Diane Fanning
  3. Lost Roses -- Martha Hall Kelly (print/audio book)
  4. Only Ever Her -- Marybeth Mayhew Whalen (audio book)
  5. You, Me and the Sea -- Meg Donohue
  6. Resistance Women -- Jennifer Chiaverini
  7. The Royal Secret -- Lucinda Riley (e-book)
  8. Out East -- John Glynn
  9. The Night Before -- Wendy Walker
  10. The Island -- Ragnar Jonasson
  11. Hostage -- Kristina Ohlsson
  12. The Favorite Daughter -- Kaira Rouda
  13. The Last Time I Saw You -- Liv Constantine
Favorite Books of April: 
  • Lost Roses by Martha Hall Kelly
  • Resistance Women by Jennifer Chiaverini

I am participating in 2 challenges/projects this year and I will be keeping be giving updates in these posts.


*These numbers only refer to books that have been sitting on my shelf for a while or that I have recently purchased. It does not include any review books.

  • Total # unread books on shelf at beginning of May: 191
  • Books read in May (that count): 2
  • Books bought/received as gift in May: 3
  • Books cleaned off shelf/donated: 0
  • Total unread books on shelf at end of May: 192
 YTD Stats:
  • Total # unread books on shelf at beginning of January: 186
  • Total Books read from shelves (that count): 13
  • Total Books bought/received as gift: 19
  • Total Books cleaned off shelf/donated: 0
  • Total unread books on shelf at end of May: 192


  • January's challenge: a thriller from a debut author
    •  Book read: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides
  • February's challenge: a thriller with a one word title
    • Book read: Unwanted by Kristina Ohlsson
  • March's challenge: a thriller with the word "Woman" in the title
    • Book read: The Woman in the Dark by Vanessa Savage
  • April's challenge: a thriller written in a language other than English
    • Book read: The Darkness by Ragnar Jonasson (Icelandic)
  • May's challenge: a historical thriller
    • Book read: The Way of All Flesh by Ambrose Parry 
  • June's challenge: a thriller that's been made into a movie
  • July's challenge: a new-release thriller/released in 2019
  • August's challenge: a thriller with the word "Girl" in the title
  • September's challenge: a thriller published before the year you were born
  • October's challenge: a thriller from a series that's new to you
  • November's challenge: a thriller with more than 10k reviews on Goodreads
  • December's challenge: a thriller with "Murder" "Kill" "Killing" or "Death" in the title 



  1. Happy to hear Book Expo was so good for you. I hope to read Resistance Women at some point maybe on audio - will have to see which format I choose.

  2. Kristin,
    BookExpo sounds very special. I hope to get there someday. You had a solid reading/book month. I hope you're enjoying your weekend!


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