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Short & Sweet Review: Shattered Mirror by Iris Johansen

Title: Shattered Mirror
Author: Iris Johansen
Series: Eve Duncan, #23
Published: April 2018, St. Martin's Press
Format: Hardcover, 339 pages
Source: Library

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes Shattered Mirror, a new explosive thriller featuring forensic sculptor Eve Duncan.

Iris Johansen returns with a thrilling novel of action and danger where fan favorite Eve Duncan is thrown once more into a deadly game of intrigue. It begins when Eve receives a package containing a skull—and instructions for Eve to do her work reconstructing it. When she does, a beautiful woman’s face emerges. But when Eve is introduced to the dead woman’s mirror image, a game is on where her twin’s life hangs in the balance.

***Short & Sweet Reviews are short, quick reviews. These will mainly be used for series books where I have already done full reviews on some of the earlier books or for books that I feel will suffice with a quick review. These will not be used for review requests or blog tours.

My thoughts: I'm so glad to be catching up on this series...I really have missed reading it. I love Iris Johansen's writing and at book 23, she is still going strong! And let me tell you, I was so happy to see that the old Eve was back in this book. This is the Eve I fell in love with all those years ago and I was so happy seeing her doing what she does best - reconstructing skulls once again. After all, this is what the series is all about - her as a forensic sculptor, so it was nice seeing her in action!

The skull that Eve was given brought a host of issues for her family. It ended up bringing Cara and Michael into the fray and that did not sit well with Eve at all. No one messes with Eve's kids without a fight. But that did mean that since Cara was involved Jock was too and I love seeing them together - there is definitely some chemistry there, now that she is older and I can't wait to see that be explored further. 

This book is fast-paced and intense. I love that things are always moving, but I also love that we get a lot of character development - one of my favorite parts of this series. A big part of this book focused on Cara and I liked that. She has become a big part of Eve's family and that is a bond that has been formed by love not by blood. 

I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series...and the other spin-offs. I read Iris Johansen's books by publication date as her spin-offs - the Kendra Michaels series and the Catherine Ling series - tend to be sometimes involve Eve Duncan and I want all the character development I can get!

Books in this series:

     1.   The Face of Deception               16.   Taking Eve
     2.   The Killing Game                       17.   Hunting Eve
     3.   The Search                                   18.   Silencing Eve
     4.   Body of Lies                                 19.   Shadow Play                           
     4.5   Dead Aim                                   20.   Hide Away
     5.   Blind Alley                                   21.   Night & Day
     6.   Countdown                                  22.   Mind Game
     7.   Stalemate                                     23.   Shattered Mirror
     8.   Quicksand                                    24.  Dark Tribute
     9.   Blood Game                             25.   Smokescreen
   10.   Eight Days to Live
    11.   Chasing the Night        
   12.   Eve
   13.   Quinn
   14.   Bonnie
   15.   Sleep No More


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