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Short & Sweet Review: Cross Justice by James Patterson

Title: Cross Justice
Author: James Patterson
Series: Alex Cross, #23
Published: November 2015, Little, Brown & Company
Format: Hardcover, 420 pages
Source: Personal copy

The toughest cases hit closest to home.
Alex Cross left his hometown, and some awful family tragedies, for a better life with Nana Mama in Washington, DC. He hasn't looked back.

Now his cousin Stefan has been accused of a horrible, unthinkable murder, and Cross drives south with Bree, Nana Mama, Jannie, and Ali to Starksville, North Carolina, for the first time in thirty-five years. Back home, he discovers a once proud community down on its luck, and local residents who don't welcome him with open arms. As Cross steps into his family home, the horrors of his childhood flood back--and he learns that they're not really over. He brings all his skill to finding out the truth about his cousin's case. But truth is hard to come by in a town where no one feels safe to speak.

Chasing his ghosts takes Cross all the way down to the sugarcane fields of Florida, where he gets pulled into a case that has local cops needing his kind of expertise: a string of socialite murders with ever more grisly settings. He's chasing too many loose ends--a brutal killer, the truth about his own past, and justice for his cousin--and any one of the answers might be fatal.

In Cross Justice, Alex Cross confronts the deadliest--and most personal--case of his career. It's a propulsive, edge-of-your-seat thrill ride that proves you can go home again--but it just might kill you.

***Short & Sweet Reviews are short, quick reviews. These will mainly be used for series books where I have already done full reviews on some of the earlier books or for books that I feel will suffice with a quick review. These will not be used for review requests or blog tours.

My thoughts: As I mentioned in my review of the previous book in this series, some books are going to be hits and some are going to be misses and unfortunately this one for me was a miss. I just couldn't get into it like I usually do in with the books in this series...I felt there were too many people involved and it just didn't have the adrenaline-filled twists and turns that I've come to expect from this series. I guess after the high I got from the previous book I felt a little let down with this one...and then that ending - not that it was another cliff-hanger but that reveal - are you kidding me? I feel James Patterson needed to give us something big and that was all he had. I'll be curious to see where this leads, but I'm not too happy with it at all. In light of that development, though, the whole story does make sense.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some and this one is definitely in the loss column for me. But I am not giving up on this series with just one loss...I'm in it for the long haul!

Books in this series:
  1. Along Came a Spider                    16.  Cross Country
  2. Kiss the Girls                                   17.  Cross Fire
  3. Jack and Jill                                    18. Kill Alex Cross
  4. Cat and Mouse                               19.  Merry Christmas, Alex Cross
  5. Pop Goes the Weasel                    20.  Alex Cross, Run
  6. Roses are Red                                 21.  Cross My Heart
  7. Violets are Blue                              22.  Hope to Die
  8. Four Blind Mice                             23.  Cross Justice
  9. The Big Bad Wolf                            24.  Cross the Line
  10. London Bridges                              24.4  Cross Kill     
  11. Mary Mary                                       24.5  Detective Cross
  12. Cross                                                 25.  The People vs. Alex Cross
  13. Double Cross                                   26.  Target: Alex Cross
  14. I, Alex Cross                                    27.  Criss Cross
  15. Alex Cross's Trial

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