Thursday, December 31, 2020

Month in Review: December 2020


Well, it's certainly been a year...that's for sure! But the one silver lining is that I read a lot and I read some amazing books. Not only was I fortunate to continue to receive review books all year long, but I still managed to read books off my own shelf...I certainly had the time and this is something that I am going to make a priority moving forward, making sure there is a balance of the two. And I also made some progress with my backlist review books, but not as much as I would have liked, so this is something I need to focus on a little more moving forward. But all in all, this was a great year reading-wise and I'm happy about that.
  Reading Stats:

  • Read this month: 24
  • Year to date: 308

Books Read:   
  1. Kick Kennedy: The Charmed Life & Tragic Death of the Favorite Kennedy Daughter -- Barbara Leaming (print/audio book)
  2. The Pull of Stars -- Emma Donoghue (audio book)
  3. The Wicked Hour -- Alice Blanchard (e-book)
  4. Take It Back -- Kia Abdullah
  5. The Dead Season -- Tessa Wegert
  6. The Survivors -- Jane Harper (audio book)
  7. Winterkill -- Ragnar Jonasson (e-book)
  8. Cold Wind -- Paige Shelton (e-book)
  9. The Swap -- Robyn Harding (e-book)
  10. The Wife Upstairs -- Rachel Hawkins (audio book)
  11. Little Women -- Louisa May Alcott (audio book)
  12. The Last To See Her -- Courtney Evan Tate (e-book)
  13. Girl Under Water -- L.T. Vargus, Tim McBain (e-book)
  14. The Mystery of Mrs. Christie -- Marie Benedict
  15. The Girl in the Mirror -- Rose Carlyle
  16. Death on the Nile -- Agatha Christie
  17. The Choice -- Alex Lake (e-book)
  18. Under a Gilded Moon -- Joy Jordan Lake (audio book)
  19. Lie, Lie Again -- Stacy Wise (audio book)
  20. The Devil in the Dark Water -- Stuart Turton
  21. The Witch Hunter -- Max Seeck
  22. Deadly Cross -- James Patterson
  23. The War Widow -- Tara Moss (e-book)
  24. Bloodline -- Jess Lourey (audio book)
Favorite Books of December: 

  • Take It Back by Kia Abdullah
  • The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict
  • Bloodline by Jess Lourey

Once again I am participating in #TheUnreadShelfProject2020, hosted by @theunreadshelf. I will be posting monthly updates both here and over on Instagram.


*These numbers only refer to books that have been sitting on my shelf for a while or that I have recently purchased. It does not include any review books.

  • Total # unread books on shelf at beginning of November: 175
  • Books read this month (that count): 5
  • Books bought/received as gift this month: 9
  • Books cleaned off shelf/donated: 26
  • Total unread books on shelf at end of November: 153
 YTD Stats:   
  • Total # unread books on shelf at beginning of January: 158
  • Total Books read from shelves (that count): 45
  • Total Books bought/received as gift: 79
  • Total Books cleaned off shelf/donated: 39
  • Total unread books on shelf at end of November: 153



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