Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Book Spotlight: Masque of Honor by Sharon Virts


Title: Masque of Honor
Author: Sharon Virts
Published: February 2021, Rosetta Books
Format: Hardcover, 400 pages

In this coming-of-age tale set in early 19th century America, two sons of the Virginia aristocracy risk it all to defend their dreams and determine their own destinies. 

General Armistead Mason and John “Jack” Mason McCarty are brothers-in-law, second cousins and descendants of founding father George Mason IV. Ambitious and headstrong, together they set out to find love, acceptance and honor on their own merit. Armistead—by nature a politician—demands respect and strives for perfection. Jack—by inclination a rover—looks to forge his own path. When Armistead is challenged by corruption in the political machine and is denied a seat in the US Congress, the two become embroiled in a bitter dispute that sets in motion an irrevocable chain of events, leading them to the dueling grounds and an outcome that changes everything. 

Based on historical events of the 1819 Mason-McCarty duel, Masque of Honor is a story of courage, conviction, and the cost of sacrificing one life to forge another.

Praise for Masque of Honor:

“Powerful and compelling. Her characters step off the page and into your life.” —Anthony McCarten, award-winning novelist and screenwriter known for writing biopics, including “The Theory of Everything” (2014), “Darkest Hour” (2017) and “Bohemian Rhapsody” (2018)

“Sharon Virts is a natural storyteller and evocative writer with a keen eye for historical detail and drama. Set in 1816 and based on the true story of the rivalry between two Virginia gentlemen, Masque of Honor unfolds as an epic tale of romance, politics, ambition and power—and paying the ultimate price to defend one’s honor.” —Susan Koch, EMMY and Peabody award-winning filmmaker

“Sharon Virts’ debut novel carries us back to life as it was two hundred years ago in the new State of Virginia. Masque of Honor provides a spicy stew of ambition, envy, honor, courage—and love—as two brothers-in-law drive step by step toward an explosive choice. This is fascinating fiction based on facts, and Virts’ writing will captivate readers. Pick it up and you won't want to put it down!” —
Pamela Binnings Ewen, author of The Queen of Paris, The Moon in the Mango Tree, An Accidental Life, and Faith on Trial 



by Sharon Virts
Rosetta Books
February 9, 2021
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1948122702 
eBook ISBN: 1948122707



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