Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Review: Moms Don't Have Time To: A Quarantine Anthology edited by Zibby Owens

Title: Moms Don't Have Time To: A Quarantine Anthology
Author: edited by Zibby Owens
Published: February 2021, Skyhorse
Format: ARC Paperback, 312 pages
Source: Publicist

It’s impossible to ignore how life has changed since COVID-19 spread across the world. People from all over quarantined and did their best to keep on going during the pandemic. Zibby Owens, host of the award-winning podcast MomsDon’t Have Time to Read Books and a mother of four herself, wanted to do something to help people carry on and to give them something to focus on other than the horrors of their news feeds. So she launched an online magazine called We Found Time.

Authors who had been on her podcast wrote original, brilliant essays for busy readers. Zibby organized these profound pieces into themes inspired by five things moms don’t have time to do: eat, read, work out, breathe, and have sex. Now compiled as an anthology named Moms Don’t Have Time To, these beautiful, original essays by dozens of bestselling and acclaimed authors speak to the ever-increasing demands on our time, especially during the quarantine, in a unique, literary way.

Actress Evangeline Lilly writes about the importance and impact of film. Bestselling author Rene Denfeld focuses on her relationship with food after growing up homeless. Screenwriter and author Lea Carpenter and Suzanne Falter, author, speaker, and podcast host, focus on loss. New York Times bestselling authors Chris Bohjalian and Gretchen Rubin write about the importance of reading. Others write about working out, love and sex, eating and cooking, and more. Join Zibby on her journey through the winding road of quarantine and perhaps you, too, will find time.

My thoughts: Right before the pandemic hit last year, I had started attending Zibby Owen's literary salons in NYC. I had already been listening to her podcasts - which I still do - but attending those salons and other book events were something I looked forward to and hope that one day in the future will be able to happen again. If you have never had the chance to meet Zibby - she is amazing and a true cheerleader for the literary world. 

This collection of essays is something that whether you are a mom or not (and I am most certainly not) you will find appealing and relatable as we still learn to navigate this new normal. We all have our struggles living in some type of lockdown - whether we are alone, home with our spouse, home with kids, working from home and homeschooling, etc - and this collection of essays just shows everyone is trying to figure it out at the same time. They range from funny to serious and touch on topics including eating, breathing, working out and even trying to find time to have sex. 

The authors that have contributed to this book all have appeared on Zibby's podcast, Moms Don't Have Time to Read Books and if you have not had a chance to listen to this podcast yet, I highly recommend it. And in true Zibby fashion, all proceeds from the book are going to COVID vaccine research...again, this woman is truly one of a kind.

Go ahead and pick this one up. It's the type of book that you can leave on your nightstand and read one or two essays at a time, flip around or read cover to cover. But it's definitely one I recommend! You will find you probably can relate to some if not many of the ideas shared in the essays.



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