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Blog Tour & Review: No Pain, No Gaines by Chip Gaines (audio)


Title: No Pain, No Gaines
Author: Chip Gaines
Narrator: Chip Gaines
Published: March 2021, Thomas Nelson
Length: 5 hours 43 minutes
Source: Publisher via TLC Booktours


No Pain, No Gaines is a by-the-bootstraps manual for building a network of people you can count on. Fair warning: Building it will be painful, but what you’ll gain is something strong, something reliable, and something that can change the world.

Spoiler alert number one: This is a book about networks

Spoiler alert number two: This is not a book about networking 

Not networking in the traditional sense, anyway. It’s not about how to leverage your interactions with everyone you meet in an all-out sprint to get ahead. It’s about how to find a group of real people who will stand beside you as you bust your butt, who believe that authentic human connection is more important than any other earthly thing, and who bet on each other instead of the status quo. People with beating hearts and passions who live and love and try and fail and try again. People who lift you up and give your life meaning. 

Written for anyone who believes that relationships are more than transactions, and who is looking to build a network of people they can count on, No Pain, No Gaines will coach you on how to

  • look outside yourself and your circle and foster connections with others
  • value what you bring to the table
  • resist the status quo
  • find the risks worth taking
  • engage and be awake to life, not asleep at the wheel
  • get comfortable with being uncomfortably kind
  • build a network you trust and then, trust the network you build

Chip Gaines has been building that kind of network his whole life, and he can tell you, it doesn’t come easy. The good stuff never does. It requires faith in people. It requires hope. And it requires a willingness to grow even when it hurts. In No Pain, No Gaines, through hard-won lessons and personal stories, Chip will coach you on how to build a network of your own that will make your life rich and your relationships run deep.

My thoughts:  As soon as I heard about this book, I knew I wanted to read it. I've heard about Chip and Joanna Gaines, have seen bits and pieces of their show the Fixer-Upper, have two of their cookbooks, but beyond that, I don't know much about them. This book came to me and I knew I had to read it.

I loved the simplicity of this book and just how applicable it is to everyone. It is filled with such thought-provoking, encouraging life lessons and I appreciated how he broke it down to bite-size pieces. This isn't a very long book by any means, but it is chock-full of information that I know I will be revisiting at some point.

My particular favorite take-aways were being as authentic as you possibly can and seeing people as a whole-human and not just as a specific role they may play in life. In order to build a network, you need connections, but it doesn't happen overnight. You need to put the work in, but being true to yourself and others and valuing what others have to offer as a whole person will help you all in the long run.

I really enjoyed all that this book had to offer. It was one of those books that I know will stick with me and one that I will be recommending to others as I see fit.

Audio thoughts: I loved that Chip narrated this book himself. His cadence and tone were so easy to listen to and it was as if he was just sitting down having a conversation with you. I also loved that there were a few sections that Joanna and his parents and sister narrated. It really showed that they believed in this book and the message that he was trying to convey here. I enjoyed listening to this book and I would definitely listen to his other books if he narrated them.


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